Thursday, April 25, 2013

DVD Organization

Last week I had a conniption fit for the very last time about our DVD collection.

They were everywhere. And I one more second. 

I marched my white booty to my computer and started looking for options. Here is what I came up with! 

I ordered FOUR of these Case Logic boxes. Each has 120 sleeves in them and they are double-sided. I used every last one of them too. You do the math. (it make my head spin to think that we had that many movies)

And here they are in all their glory. :)

This is the system I had before. Two or three years ago when our DVD's started taking over our living room (and when Grady was a baby and it was a huge, fun game to him to pull them out over and over and over and over...) I discarded all the cases and put our DVD's into these cases. The large one was for the kids movies and the smaller one was for the non kid-friendly movies. The only problem was that our movie stash outgrew that giant case and the movies just stated piling up again.

I debated back and forth on getting a second movie binder but frankly it was just stupid heavy and the boys hard a hard time even carrying it around to look through the movies. I needed a new system.

Viola! Meet my new system! The above picture is me being about half way through the process. For a while I though I would escape with some "room to grow" at the back of each basket. HA!

These two little baskets hold every movie perfectly. We have almost no room for movie storage so this really is the best for us.

Here is the final product! Success! I ended up with zero room to grow :(. Thankfully now that I have this system in place I'll have the room to add another basket to one of the shelves in our entertainment system. (oh and the baskets are just from Walmart) 

I think my boys will find this way much easier to find what they want to watch and easier to put back up when they are done!


Tesha Papik said...

SO organized and it looks lovely:)

Jayme said...

I love it- I have a thing for baskets!

ginmommy said...

Did you put them in alphabetical order or something? Will if be hard for them to find them? I love the idea of doing something like this, ours are always a wreck! :/

M+W said...

The baskets look a lot more prettier than the binder :) I think I might have to do something like this! Great idea!

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