Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Because That's How We Roll

Sometimes I think my family and myself thrive on having way too many irons in the fire. Things are all sorts of crazy up in here. That's the excuse I tell myself for why I've not been blogging :). This whole raising 3 boys (4 if you count the dog - and I do) has turned into crazy = normal.

Here are some recent recaps of the Crazy Mueller Family. :)

  • Our new puppy Gunnar is a one way trip to Crazy Town. I say that in the sweetest way though. We love him soo much! The boys adore being met at the door by him when they get home from school and I can tell that he misses them too. But, this whole potty training a dog when its cold outside is just nuts!! He is finally getting better but I really can't wait until he 100%.

The last picture cracks me up. He was sleeping on some dirty clothes (don't judge...) that were laying on our bathroom floor. I went to get them to start the wash (so of course he had to move) and he got mad and went and curled up BEHIND THE TOILET to go back to sleep. 

  • While doing laundry I discovered the most disgusting pair of jeans that I've ever seen in my life. I started the cleaning process and then just gave up all together. They are going in the trash! Hopefully the trash guys don't report us to the police for suspicious behavior...

(now no one get all hepped up...my husband was field dressing among other things a deer he had shot. If the police do show up I'll just show them the hot mess of an outside freezer that just fills me with pride...

Frozen deer scalp/skull a la Charles Manson anyone?? :)
  • I pulled a Coprolite out of my washing machine this morning. How many of you can say you've ever washed fossilized dinosaur poop before?? Anyone or is just me??  The crap that comes out of my kids pocket never ceases to amaze me.

  •  I still have ONE last Christmas card to mail. My friend who's getting it is a total sweetheart though and will understand.

  • We had Graham and Griffin switch bedrooms recently. We came to the realization that our oldest really needed his own bathroom. Griffin's bedroom had one that we really never used. It just made sense. We also did a lot of work in our upstairs hallway and had our walls around our stairs finally!! painted. 
Graham's new room!

Girffin's new room!

Parts and pieces of the boys upstairs hallway (and a tiny portion of the painted stairs). We tried to put mostly fun and inspirations sayings on the wall. 
  • OMG. Did I also tell you that I've been redoing the boys jack and jill bathroom upstairs?? I forgot to take before picture (because, duh, I've been busy... :). It was a super hot mess of 1980's wallpaper and just overall yuck. Here it is now! (well mostly, I'm not quite done with all of it yet...) 

Its a narrow jack/jill bathroom so I could never quit get in there for you to see the whole thing. I tried to take pictures of each little aspect though. I like to call it "mature pirate". HA! It turned out really great and I'm super proud of it!

  • Lest everyone rush out to purchase Mother Of The Year awards, here is a picture of what I saved in my computer as "Reality.png"... :)

Griffin is crying because he is two and longer wants to hold my hand OR wear pants. He and a little girl I watch tore up Grady's room while Grady was at school today. This is a fairly usual occurrence. :)  

Like I said before, we seem to live in swirling day to day choas. That's how we roll and I wouldn't have it any other way! :)
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