Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Handwriting Fill-In Post

So ya'll know I'm a dork right? :) Of course you do! You have been reading me for a while now I'm guessing and most of ya'll are still here! It seriously drove me bonkers-crazy yesterday only being able to write just a smidgen of what I wanted to. With handwriting there is only just so much space. That and my hand gets really tired, really fast. Its just soo much easier to type and so much faster. So long rambling paragraph short, I wanted to do a little fill-in recap of yesterdays post so you could read everything that I wished I could share but didn't!

Ok, so the first 3 were pretty self explanatory so I'll skip right to...

4. As you all must know by now my all time favorite quote is the one that is in my header. It spoke volumes to me on my deepest, darkest days. It's what carried me through on the drives to and from the funeral home (and there were heart-wrenching multiples of those). It's what carried me through my pregnancy with Griffin when I was so scared I couldn't hardly sleep most nights. I recently stumbled upon another verse that has now taken hold in my heart!

"All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be. " 

Psalm 139:16

I love it's promise that God is in control of all of us, in everything we do. It takes the weight off of my shoulders of feeling that I have to micro-manage everything. I now feel soo much free-er to turn it all over to God and just say to him "Your will be done.". FREEING!

5. Ya'll I just love The Fray! If you haven't heard this song before, here it is!

6. My favorite book is one that I just discovered last year! It's also the very first one I added to my Kindle.

This book is an awesome mixture of suspense, romance, history, and current times. I just LOVED IT! Ms. Howe just did an awesome job in writing this book.  I may just re-read it again now that I'm talking about it :).

7. My two favorite movies pretty much run along the same lines of how I like my books. Historical and suspenseful!

I love to watch things that make me think that are not too scary but just scary enough! :)

8. So onto the things that frighten me most... My first knee-jerk reaction was to say heights or snakes. But once I seriously thought about it, I realized that the one thing that I worry about most (like every single day) is something might happen to my family or my friends. I've experienced some pretty bad losses already in my life (my best friend and maid of honor in my wedding was tragically killed less than a month after my wedding, my father's passing, and the loss of Caroline) and sometimes I think that my brain has become programmed to expect more to come. I know in reality that this is not the case but it still doesn't seem to help the irrational portion of my mind. I worry soo much that Bobby might be in a terrible car accident because he commutes to work for soo many hours each day. I also worry about someone abducting one of my children. I know I am probably a total looney-toon... Anyone else have these same fears?

9. This question was easy! :) My dream job would 100% have to be working in a museum! I graduated from college with a Bachelors of Arts in History. If I didn't have a husband and children (which was my number one goal) this is what I would be pursuing!

10. The last question was way too easy also and very self explanatory! To have the ability to be with my wonderful hubby forever and to know that my kids are successful at life is the most important to me! The last part about writing a book is just a quiet goal of mine that I would love to see achieved one day :).


The Anglin Family said...

I have the same fears- irrational or not. I was telling someone about one of my fears that I'm afraid to voice out loud really and she said when your faith increases, your fear decreases...:-) I liked that.
I read a ton-I may need to check into getting me that book! Oh, and when your kids get big, you should totally go work in a museum!

Tristan said...

same fears!

i love that verse..i go back to it often!

i have never seen that first movie but have watched the others and it freaked me out!!!!!

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