Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Momma Is Coming To Town!

Ya'll, my Momma is coming to town! I am so excited that I just know that this whole entire post will be filled with exclamation points!

My Momma lives about 5 hours away from us up in Dallas and I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. I miss her so bad sometimes! Despite being 35 years old I still feel like I need her every day. I know that my boys sure do... Grady sometimes tells me "Go to Mimi's house" when we get on a large interstate near here. It breaks my heart for him that he can't see her every day or even every week. I know that this is really common in tons of family's but it still hurts.

I love that my Momma still "Moms me" when shes here (or when we're there!). If I'm sitting down she'll offer to bring me a cold drink or a snack. She'll take me to lunch, fold laundry, chit-chat, pretty much anything to make my couple of days with her just shine! I love that despite our ages she still wants to take care of me. To be honest, I love it! In my regular day to day life I don't let a lot of people do those things for me. I like to take care of business or my family all by myself. I like to be in charge. But, when she's here, I happily surrender almost all control ! :)

I plan on finally sharing our big BABY news with her too tomorrow! I will proudly be able to share with her the first time that I'm 17 weeks pregnant! I have yet another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon with our new OB and I hope that she'll want to go with me. She has never been able to go to an OB appointment with me before (for any of our kids) so it should be pretty momentous!

I'm busy trying to clean my house now like a busy little bee! I know that she'll understand when things don't look perfect when she gets here, but I'd at least like the house to be a little bit more "fresh" than what I normally keep it!

Another reason I'm super excited is that I haven't told Graham yet. He loves his Mimi so much so I plan on picking him up from school early tomorrow and taking him to the airport with me to get her. I've been telling him all week that if he's good and helps me around the house then he'll get a great big surprise on Friday!

I can't wait to have tons of fun pictures to show ya'll from this weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Test Results Day! ** UPDATE **

Update: The nurse just called from Dr. M's office and my blood work came back totally normal!! WHOO- HOO!

I think that today is the day that my specialist office should be calling with my last blood draw results. These are ones that I had done (I think?) during my 12-13th week of pregnancy and they came back normal. Praise God! Apparently you can have these re-drawn again during your 2nd trimester and it rechecks for additional markers for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18.

Oh My Word. After the what the doctor saw on the baby's heart a couple of days ago I NEED the reasurrance of more normal blood work. I already have 2 strikes against me (my age, and baby's heart calcification) and I'm feeling that if my blood draw comes back abnormal that's very "3 srikes and you're out".

I'll be carrying my cell phone with me in-hand

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter ~ Mueller Style!

"When Christ, who is your life, is
revealed then you also will be
revealed with him in glory."
Colossians 3:4

I love Easter! It's one of my most favorite times of year. I love the story of Jesus being resurrected, the start of Spring, the promise of all things new and wonderful!

I spent the bulk of my college years and those following with one of my besties, Deborah, and her family, every single Easter! I went as a single girl, I went as an engaged girl, I went as a married girl, then as a Momma. I have very very fond memories of all those days! It brought me such happiness to sit over at her parents house this past Saturday with her and her parents (and a variety of other people) and see how much "the family" has changed and grown!

So many beautiful children and spouses have been added over the years! It's amazing and I love it!

On Sunday the boys woke up early and headed straight for their Easter baskets.

 After Easter baskets and church we headed over to my in-laws house. The boys had such a great time playing there. Between all the cousins and aunts, uncles, and grandparents they wore themselves out!!

I love this picture of Graham!

My sweet nephews Colton and Cooper!

Little Carter is hauling Grady around!

Grady ended the day off with a busted face. My poor baby.... Somehow the "Easter Bunny" knew that we would need these little steri-strips in our baskets! Thank goodness no stitches, but it did have his Momma scared a little bit!

Happy belated Easter to everyone!

Week 16 (and 5 days)!

Jeez! I think I'm getting worse at this blogging stuff! Last week I was late too with my update. I'll just blame it on our awesome holiday and get over it! :)

Do you love my little "helper" in the background picking his nose? All I can say is, Thank God He's Cute. This picture was taken Easter morning right before church so technically I am 16 weeks and only 3 days in this picture! :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 16 weeks (and now 5 days!)

Size of Baby: From yesterdays ultrasound he or she was already measuring 6 ounces! That's a 2 ounce gain from last visit two weeks ago! Now if only I had only gained 2 ounces... :) He or she is the size of your open palm now!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up another pound from my visit two weeks ago. This makes me pretty darn happy considering all the Easter meals we ate and all the candy I stole from my kids!

Maternity Clothes: I am now wearing almost 100% maternity clothes. I have 2 regular t-shirts that I'm still clinging on to...

Gender:  Yes! And its a.... Oh wait! I'm not telling you! Bobby and I want to have a small gender reveal party with our family this weekend or next. After that I will gladly post all the exciting details about him or her! Our little baby was extremely cooperative yesterday!

Movement: Still not enough to keep me happy and away from worry, but I know that he or she is still very small and I need to lighten my expectations.

Sleep: Sleep is still very hit or miss with me. Some nights I sleep great and others its just a nightmare to fall asleep or stay asleep at all!

What I miss: Right now I am only missing sleeping on my stomach!

Cravings: Easter candy that does not belong to me and yellow mustard.

Symptoms: Just the usual aches and pains of pregnancy!

Best Moment this Week: By far the best moment this week was getting to see the baby again at the doctor! He or she was doing really well!

So now I'm guessing that you want to see some pictures of the baby right?? :)

Little feet! How cute are these?!

Sweet little face on the right and body on the left.

This is a great picture of the baby's face! It is turned just slightly so that you can see it looking at us!

This was the ultrasound tech's attempt at a 3D picture. The baby is still so little that its really hard to make anything out. I tried my best to label ...

In this picture you really have to turn your head sideways. Baby's head is on the left and body on the right!

And just for grins I had her take a picture of my cervical measurements! Still long and closed! She said that at the time I was having a contraction and that changed the look of things. I tried to label the different portions of the anatomy (mostly just for me to remember all that was said. I realize that this might be kinda gross....). On the right hand side is my cervical length. On the left and closer to the baby is where the contraction was happening.

Bobby wasn't able to go with me yesterday :*(. But, my wonderful SIL in Melanie was! I felt very privileged to have such a great friend and sister with me! The tech was immediately able to tell what the gender was. She said that she had a little extra time and so we had a nice long ultrasound! She was even able to take a second to look at the baby in 3D. She said that its really best to try it at 26-28 weeks. I promised that I'd stop bugging her about it after yesterdays attempt! :)

After she left the doctor came in and took a look at things. The only problem that she saw was some calcification in the baby's heart muscle (echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF)  . :( She said that this could be nothing or that it could be a marker for a chromosomal abnormality (Down syndrome, Trisomy 13, 18) . She also said that combined with my age it raised my risk slightly for there being a problem. Dr. M. offered me an amnio but I declined. After loosing Caroline when my water broke too soon there is not a chance in HECK that I'll let anyone puncture this baby's bag on water on purpose. I did say that I would undergo another round of second trimester blood test to check further for other markers. If those are there and/or the baby for some reason stops developing normally I would consent to the amnio but only after maybe the 30th week when I'd feel much more comfortable having a baby deliver earlier. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have that ultimate peace of mind now, but I'm just not willing to risk anything at this point. On the other hand Bobby and I would like to be as prepared as possible...

I asked the doctor is this was maybe something that would be gone on a future ultrasound check and she said probably not. Thanks to Dr. Google (who never fails in scaring the poo out of me) I found a number of ladies who had this same issue show up. A couple of them said that the calcium had disappeared on a later ultrasound. Ever since reading that I have been praying so hard for God to remove this from my baby's heart.

I'm a pretty humble pray-er but will you all join me in BOLDLY praying to God that He remove this? Hopefully its harmless but I'd still love to not have this to worry about on top of everything else we face.

On another note, I started my progesterone (PIO) yesterday. It was my first dose and I'll be taking them once a week from now until week 35 of my pregnancy! Melanie was a total trooper and took one for the team as she learned how to give the injections. Now that is some sisterly love. Poor girl has to look at my hiney every other week! :) Love you Melanie!

I think that's it for now. I'm sure that there are tons of other details that I've forgotten. I'll add them later as an UPDATE if I remember anymore... :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

I've Won A Major Award!

I'm super excited today because yesterday a dear blogging friend passed an award along to me!

"I've Won A Major Award!" is what I said to my husband when I received the email from her. I then laughed hysterically at myself because all I could think of then was the movie "A Christmas Story" when the dad wins his "Major Award". We were both super excited...

A great big thank you goes out to New Year Mum! She has been just beyond wonderful and soo supportive during our family's journey of loss and then the new found hope! I feel so special that her angel in Heaven daughter Gabrielle and I share the same birthday!  I love you so much NYM! (and maybe one of these days you'll reveal your super-secret super hero name to just 'lil 'ol me! ) :)

And here she is...

I can not wait until I add it to my sidebar!

Since I won this award I now have to comply with the rules that go along with it. They are as follows!
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award (above)

2. Tell 7 things about yourself....
3. Award other bloggers (this should be passed along to 15 'recently discovered bloggers' but I'm thinking that I'll award less since I'm still really new to blogging! (plus New Year Mum already awarded tons of ladies that I would have already done! :) I tried pretty hard to not double do you (but who really would complain about getting 2 awards?!)

4. Contact the recently awarded bloggers and let them know they've won :))

So on to the 7 things about myself...

{1} I adore coffee but can only drink the kind I make at home with exactly 1 sweet n' low and the perfect dollop of Coffee Mate refrigerated creamer in fat free hazelnut. Any other coffee made any other way tastes just horrible to me. This is soo weird, I know...

{2} I can not stop eating my kids Easter candy. I now have to go and buy more before Sunday or I'm screwed.

{3} Grady's 3rd birthday is coming up and I might just spend the entire day crying (and every day leading up until then) because he's not my "baby" anymore. He's a big kid now. :(

{4} I'm addicted to blogging and I can't help but check every 30 minutes to see if anyone has posted anything new for me to read about!

{5} I'm currently begging my husband for a laptop so I can do {4} from the kitchen and not our office area :)

{6} My next "check on the baby" appointment is this coming Monday and for the first time in my life I want Easter to hurry up and be over so I can get to that day quicker!

{7} I'm over the moon to have won this award!

And now on to awarding others this!

Melanie from Messages From The Muellers
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Marie from My Expected End
Michele from My Life After Loss
Recipe for a Baby from Recipe for a Baby
Elisabeth fromThe Crazy Life of a Writing Mom
Jayme from The Tater Twins
Tristan from Tristan Time

Ladies, if you are reading my blog post and see your name and haven't heard from me don't worry I'll send and email out later today! I am seriously slow as a slug today!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Post For Aidan!

Wow! 2 posts in one day for me! This is some kind of miracle!

Actually it's not I that is the miracle but two individuals of whom I have never met before that are the MIRACLE today!

For some time now I have been reading a blog posted by Emily called "Aidan, Baby of Mine". She is a Baby Loss Momma of Aidan who, like Caroline, was born too soon. Today is Aidan's birthday! Emily is in the midst of another nightmare pregnancy. Her water ruptured with her second child 27 days ago and she is only just now 20 weeks pregnant. From my understanding she will be at multiple doctors appointments today and then confined back to bed rest again. She has asked her blog followers to help her celebrate Aidan today for her!

I couldn't wait to help out! Our little family's way to show our love and support for this sweet and Heavenly baby was to write out his name in our sandbox!

It was so much fun to line up all the little cars in the sand! I imagine if Aidan was here today that he would probably love sand and matchbox cars!

If you have a chance today, head over to Emily's blog, read her story, and leave her some loving comments! I can tell from her posts that she is trying soo hard to keep a positive outlook on her current grim pregnancy situation.

I'm hoping that Emily's newest baby is another miracle that can hang on another 4 weeks to get the point of viability. I'm really rooting for this pair. Can you tell? :) 

Things That Don't Go Bump In The Night

I've been making myself crazy lately worrying about feeling the baby move. I know in theory that it's much later in pregnancy that you feel your baby move. I think average is what, 18 weeks? I have no idea. I swear that I have felt all my kids like ca-razy early. Graham I felt at 13 weeks. Grady (I swear to God) 11 weeks, Caroline was 12 weeks, and this so far mystery baby at 13 weeks. (I think that I had posted before that the sonogram tech gave me the total shifty-eye when I told her about feeling the baby move. She said that it was really pretty early for that. I'm fairly certain she didn't believe me.)

I am now going through days of where its awesome and I think I feel the baby move like every 2 hours! I am so excited and filled with joy! Then the next day happens and its like zilch, nada, less than nothing and my crazy brain starts filling with dread and despair. I wake up the next morning and feel that oh so loving little POP! in my lower region and I am once more filled with hope! All to be let down yet again by not feeling anything for the next 48 hours. If this hormonal emotional roller coaster continues much longer I may need to be committed a la Catherine Zeta Jones.

I've been trying to remind myself that during every pregnancy at this stage of gestation I have worried about my babies. I have always thought that something was wrong, that they weren't moving enough, ZOMG something bad has happened!! And at this stage of gestation I was wrong every time.

I feel as if everything has changed this time around. With the premature birth and subsequent death of Caroline I feel as if I have lost that one grain of hope that I usually had left in me that everything was going to be fine. I now realize that sometimes everything is not fine. And that has me even more worried.

I have been praying multiple times a day now. When I do feel a tell-tale POP! I quickly say a thanks to God that the baby is still here with me. I can hardly wait for the next couple of weeks to pass where I will be able to feel the baby move with more certainty and frequency! I also thank God that I'm under the care of a couple of wonderful doctors that I can see on average 3 times a month instead of just once.

How far along were you when you first felt your baby(s) move?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm joining up with Jaime again for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Can I just say how almost impossible this has been to get together this morning?? First off, Blogger has been giving me nothing but sass and nonsense today (way to make Wordpress look awesome Blogger!). It doesn't want to let me copy/paste hardly anything and when it does it places each image one of top of the other. Seriously??  Secondly, my pregnancy brain just isn't allowing me to hardly put 2 sentences together that make much sense. ::Warning, this post will be all over the place, Yo::

{1} I love love love this watch from Fossil! It's mother of pearl and rose gold. Normally I'm solidly a silver/platinum (like I have a lot of that...) person. For some reason rose gold is really appealing to me this year! I already have a white fossil watch but I may soon own a second! :)

{2} I also heart Lisa Leonard jewelry! I adore the handcraftedness of her pieces. They all look so personal and just plain comforting! I'd love to order the one on the top right. As soon as our newest baby has made his or her arrival I can have all 4 of our kids names of it. I'm super excited to have Graham, Grady, Caroline and Baby M hanging on me every day!

{3} I recently saw these RingO's chicken nugget type things at WalMart the other week. Since my kids are kids (duh) and eat like kids (duh again) I am always looking for chicken nuggets that they don't get tired of. They loved these and requested them meal after meal until the whole bag was gone! We first tried the ones that we also stuffed with cheddar cheese and to say that these were a big hit is an understatement of the year!

{4} I'm loving these sandals from Victoria's Secret! There is no way in my current condition that I can wear anything that they produce except their shoes and I'm ok with that because there are just so many cute ones to choose from! Maybe this summer my swollen gross prego feet will be lookin' all cute and stuff!

{5} Grady wanted to contribute to this weeks list also to tell you how much he loves Ketchup. What was leftover after eating the above mentioned RingO's he had to eat the Ketchup with his hands. (Ketchup is a vegetable right??) Do you love his hair in this pictures? His hair loves Ketchup too. That's at least what Grady though as he styled it with Ketchup hands. :)

What are you loving today?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toys Gone Wild!!

Do you ever suddenly realize that your kids just have too much stuff? Too many toys to be more specific...

I realized the other day that I could no longer pick a clear path through many rooms in our home with out kicking multiple toys out of my way. It was an "ah ha" moment for me. The mist that had been covering my eyes for months cleared and I saw before me things I had previously not seen. Things were a MeSs.

Our living room, Graham's bedroom, Grady's bedroom, the spare bedroom, and even our garage were all out of hand!!

This is in Graham's room and every bin has toys shoved in it too!!

Isn't this all just silly?? And by silly I mean pitiful. I thank God ever single day that my family is blessed but this excess of stuff is starting to seem sinful to me.

I have crammed stuff in every nook and cranny of the house so that things can "seem" to stay clean.

Exhibit A:

The top two pictures are from our living room and the bottom one is spare toys that we have stored in our GARAGE. I'm frankly appalled at myself that I ever let it get this bad.

For a good long while I excused my behavior lack of cleaning and purging on being delicately pregnant. I didn't want to over-exert myself. My next excuse was that Bobby is gone working soo much now and its just me. I told myself time and time again "It's ok that laundry is never folded and done. It's ok if the boys rooms look like crap It's ok to turn a blind eye...." My excuses trailed on for what seemed like months.

This past Saturday I woke up from my haze of indifferance. The 400th time that morning that I had stepped on a Lego and swore a blue streak is when I said THAT'S IT. And I actually meant it for once. ::this might also coincide with the fact that I had my first real cup of coffee in months and I was high on caffeine::.

I realized that afternoon while out eating and shopping at Kohl's that I wasn't the only one to blame for part of this toy indulgence. McDonald's Happy Meals are to blame as is pajama's with free toys attached to the hangers.

Yes, I actually took a picture of the toys that came with Graham's PJs. I was soo mad about them!

During the great toy purge of 2011 I realized that half of the crap that we were picking up and throwing away was free stuff that we didn't need anyway! I'm so over bringing this crap into my house. It makes me mad enough that I just want to go on evil Mommy strike and ask everyone to not get my kids birthdays or Christmas gifts for the next two years. And quite frankly, the toys that were saved are still of great quality and do get played with. Honestly why do we need any more?? Should I also have to purge said old-ish toys of good quality in order to make room for new toys? It makes no sense to me but I'm sure the Goodwill store smiles when they see me coming!

Super long story short (and numerous garbage bags later...) here is what we are left with.

I only took pictures of Graham's room because I was pretty much spent by the time we got done. 

I think I might also be having this melt-down because I realized that Grady's birthday is next month and that just means more stuff is coming! Aaack! And can you imagine once there is a third child in our household. I feel a panic attack coming on...

How do you handle too much stuff in your house? And also if you were me how would you approach Grady's birthday? Would you ask (in leau of gifts) savings bonds, donations to charities in his name, money to save for his college, or gift cards to be used at some vague time in the future? Or would you just deal with whatever toys came your kids way?

I really don't want to be that evil Mommy-Dearest Momma but I loath the idea that my kids are starting to be spoiled and worst yet acting that way too... I want them to have new things and to be excited opening gifts, but I'm having a hard time finding that good balance between just right and too much.

(Something random that I feel I have to add here is that I am to blame as well. If I had a firmer hand on the boys about picking up every night before bed half the battle of the toys would be gone. And for what it counts, Graham did help a tremendous ammount during purging and then clean-up. We talked a ton about having too much and other kids that didn't have enough. He seemed to really catch on and hopefully will be a huge help to me in the future!)

(I also have to add that I just spell checked this big-ass post and blogger spell check didn't come back with one mistake! Either bravo to me or spell check is broken this morning :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

15 Weeks (and 3 days)!

Aack.... I'm so behind in my blog posting. With Bobby working so much, I'm having a hard time squeezing in everything I want/need to post about! My two little guys keep me on my toes so much! So without further ado her is my belated posting for week 15 of my pregnancy!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 15 weeks (and 3 days). Praise God!

Size of Baby: about 4-3/4" long and 2 ounces (according to the American Pregnancy Association) but at last weeks ultrasound the tech said that our baby's measurements he or she is already 4 ounces. I'll take that any day!

Total Weigh Gain/Loss: Stupid stupid stupid question. To be honest though, I gained another 2 pounds...:(

Maternity Clothes: There are still a few non-maternity t-shirts that I can wear but other than that, I've switched over to almost all ta-ta's have grown almost as much as my stomach. HA! (a big shout-out here to my Sister-in-law Melanie who brought me tons of her old maternity clothes!)

Gender: We don't know yet, but on our next appointment on Monday the 25th I'll be certain to ask her to check again! I'm having really strong feelings that its another boy though!

Movement: I've felt a bunch of pops and bumps for several weeks now, but they have really slowed down... enough to make me a little stir crazy to be honest. The sonogram tech said that she was surprised that I was feeling much of anything yet last time I saw her. She said that my placenta is on the top and it should be blocking out most anything at this point. I'm choosing to focus on that bit of info!!

Sleep: Sleep is now getting difficult for me. Almost every night I wake up between 2 or 3 to use the restroom and then can't go back to sleep!

What I Miss: Right now I'm missing sleeping on my stomach and drinking all the caffeine that I'd like to!

Cravings: Ya'll are totally going to laugh at me. I have been craving cabbage! This makes no sense to me I think mostly for me its the fresh crunch that comes with it. I would probably gag if I had to eat it cooked! (Just for grins.... with Graham it was jalapenos, with Grady it was pickles and with Caroline it was grapefruit)

Symptoms: I am feeling really good now! Almost all sicky stomach is gone and my energy is way up!

Best Moment This Week: I am starting to get the confidence to think of baby names and I even cleaned some stuff out of our spare bedroom. These are really big things for me!!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

I Have a Gigantic Orange Football In My Driveway.

(aka this is my 100th post and I'm super happy because I never thought that I'd get this far!)

Several weeks ago my husband was offered a promotion at the company that he works for (Go Bobby!). With this promotion he got longer working hours, more responsibility, almost 0 extra money, a 4 HOUR daily commute.... and a company vehicle to do it in.

Please Bobby's employer, don't do us another favor, PLEASE.

Bobby came home yesterday (yes he had to work on a Saturday, and we'll be making the trek as a family today on.a.Sunday for him to check on things again...) with said company vehicle.

I'm super glad that this orange eyesore will be parked in our driveway now...

It's so horrible all I could do was laugh. Bobby and I are pretty plain car people. I drive a white suburban and he drives a white Dodge truck. Oh yeah, and this orange piece of crap, and now this company vehicle.

Did anyone see the last episode of "Modern Family"? The one where Phil gets the family minivan wrapped with his slutty new Real Estate advertising? (if you haven't, and really you should, go watch it on - its "The Musical Man" episode).  That's what I felt like when Bobby rolled up with our wrapped minivan. All I can say is "thank God it only has 2 seats and we'll never have to use it".

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Big Race!

The boys lately have been doing the cutest stuff outside! We are all just loving this warmer weather and can't seem to get enough of it. I swear that we will be eating outside morning, noon, and night one day very soon!

So the boys have started racing each other outside. It's too funny to watch. Sometimes toys get in the way of their racing area and so the race is only like 3 feet long....but they do it anyways!

Here are some pictures of them the other day...

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times... I love that despite the 6 year age difference they play and get along soo good! I will forever cherish the memories that I have of them playing, loving, and having so much fun together!

I know that I owe ya'll a 15 week post update but I need to have someone take my picture for it! :) Bobby has been getting home so late and I'm just a wreck by then.... Maybe when Graham gets home from school.... HA! this will be one funny post with a 9 year old helping out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am once again joining up with Jaime to participate in WILW! I'm Loving tons of stuff this week!

{1} Rosie Pope in " Pregnant in Heels". Have you seen this show on Bravo?? It's so fun to see how other pregnant Mommas in a different area with different ideas handle things. Plus it just cracks my ace up that some women feel the need for a pregnancy concierge!

Episode Image

I laughed so hard when she had to put together a "focus group" for a Mom and Dad so other people (strangers) could give their input on their future baby's name!

{2} I'm loving the party invites for Grady's birthday party that is coming up soon!

DIY Printable Birthday Party or Event Package. MONSTER MASH Collection. Customizable. Cupcake Toppers. Banner. Favor Tags. Owl. First Birthday. Any Age. Boy or Girl. Little Monster.

I found these on Etsy. When it gets closer to the party, I'll have Bobby scan the actual invitation in so ya'll can see. This woman is amazing for $25.00 you get a ton of templates in a pdf file and then you just print everything out yourself! It even comes with an image to put on his birthday shirt. How cute is that!

{3} The new baby! (you just knew I had to put this on my list)

{4} New paper plate holders!

Paper Plate Holders Set of 8

These are just cheapie ones that I found at Harriet Carter but they are perfect for us! I am trying to find all sorts of ways to make this spring and summer easier for me. I figure that if we are using paper plates then that's just a ton of less dishes for me to wash. (disclaimer... I usually really dislike using too many paper products and prefer to uses dishes, dishrags etc for environmental reasons but for right now I really feel that I have to be a little bit more practical and I promise to recycle every bit else of what I can!)

{5} I'm loving our new Caroline sign!

The sweetest woman Laura over at Angel Baby Names made this for us! She makes the cutest little images to celebrate every baby lost. All you have to do is shoot her an email with the baby's name and some things that you like. I was a total loss when I sent her this email. I really didn't know what I wanted so I just said that I wanted something really sweet, really girly, and I liked pink and green. This is what she came up with! Can you image what a wonderful person you must be to just do this for anyone who asks? I loved it!

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! What are you loving?

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