Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Last Saturday of Soccer

Both my older two boys played their last soccer games of the year. They are both sad and happy all in one. Two practices a week and games on Saturday was getting a little tiring for them (and me). They will miss their soccer friends until next season.

They both played amazingly well today!

Grady played first at 12:00.

Grady did a wonderful job and played his best game yet!

Graham played next at 2:00. We stayed up at the fields in between games for Graham to get some extra goalie practice in with his coach before the game (more on that later).

Graham was chosen to play 1st half goalie for the last game! We were so proud of him! He really began to enjoy playing this position last year and has really bloomed at it this year. He did an amazing job and out of all the shots made on him he only let one ball through (the final score was 5-1 with our team winning!). The rest of the game he played both offensive and defensive positions.

This is what Griffin did for the 19 hours we out today...

Bless this sweet baby's heart. He slept, ate, and picked his nose right here the entire time. :)

Both my boys had amazing coaches who just did wonderful with the kiddos. There was nothing but positive encouragement and awesome training.

I have to brag on both Graham and his coach though. I got a couple of emails from him that just made my heart smile. I tried to explain to Graham when I read them aloud that this was not a coach that just throws around praise. I can't wait to see what next season brings!

"1 will be great. I don't want to tire him out too much before the game. I appreciate his determination to feel prepared and be as good as possible."


"We'll play our final game of the Fall Season tomorrow at 2 PM on Field 8A. Unfortunately JT has another commitment so Sela's mom and I will be running the sideline. For anybody who wants an extended warmup, we'll be somewhere around one of the goals any time after 1 since Graham is dedicated to doing his absolute best in the goal, and he wants some extra practice."

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