Monday, November 4, 2013

What Graham's Reading

I love how much Graham is into reading these day! Now, don't let me totally fool you... there are still plenty of times where there is some grumbling and pre-teen eye rolling going on when it's "required reading". But for the most part he's really getting into what he's got open in front of him!

As a book worm myself I just LOVE this about him! When I was his age I could devour a book in less than a day. This used to drive my dad banana's always asking to be taken to the book store. :)

I know I have mentioned in the past that Graham has learning disabilities. Specifically dyslexia (or so we pretty sure. It's a long, boring, and pissy story in regards to his testing and the school district that I just won't get into now...).Graham puts in 110% to stay at grade level reading. I usually hang pretty close when he's reading to re-read a paragraph to double check for comprehension but almost always he's on target.

Recently our school had a book fair and Graham chose 3 different book!

I know that Graham picked well because I can easily see all of his interests represented right here! The one of top is about the Revolutionary war, the one in the middle is a spooky mystery, and the one of bottom is about service animals in WWII.

He is really ready to get started reading all of these but I'm making him finish his school library book first :).

He's reading Smells Like Dog. The parts I've read with him (yes, he still asks to be "read a story" at night :) ) are super cute!

My heart sings when I see his bedside table and it looks like this...

I just love my sweet reader! 


The Anglin Family said...

Laiken loves to read like that:-) My boys not so much. I love what Graham picked out himself to read:-)
Makes me smile when kids love to read!

ginmommy said...

I wish Pierce liked to read more, I think this is awesome!

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