Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fun ~ Camp Edition!

Graham was so fortunate again this year to be able to go to the most amazing camp! For years now he's been going to T Bar M and loving it! 

The counselors there are such a warm, christian bunch of guys and girls that love the Lord and want to share it with all their young campers! 

Graham came home most days with awesome stories to tell and many great lessons learned!

This is front Graham's first day of camp. He was really excited to get his week there started!

This picture is a tad blurry but all those yellow shirts in the background are some of the awesome counselors. They were singing and hollering when the kids came in to welcome them to the first day of camp. So fun and so much energy!

Hmmm. Not terribly sure what's up with Graham's hair in this one...

Graham and his cousins (plus his cousin's cousin!). Graham, Colton, Cooper and Landon.

Graham, Colton, and Landon. Graham was really excited that he was able to be in a group this year with kids he knew!

This was from the last day of camp. They do an amazing little show for the family's of the campers.  It 's like a tiny showcase of what the campers learned for the week.

Graham on the last day!

The 3 counselors assigned to Graham's group. Go MATADOR! :)

Grady went up with me there the last day for all the festivities. Don't you know he quickly found his way to the sleep-away girls cabins and hung out there trying to talk to them. I am seriously going to have problems with him when he gets older... What a little player! :)

The counselors take a moment and talk briefly about each camper. Bless this guys heart. He was really young and a tad bit intimidated by all the Moms and Dad there while he was trying to speak. He was only a sophomore or junior in high school though so I think he did a pretty good job considering. :) He kept calling another poor camper by the wrong name the entire time so I guess it could have been worse! HA!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tesha said...

LOL Gram's face is to funny in the video. :) Looks like a fun time for your handsome boy!

Beth Ann said...

What what a great thing! Very cool.

ginmommy said...

Very awesome memories for your son!

The Anglin Family said...

Looks like so much fun!!! :-))) I just have to tell you-over the last year he has grown up a lot! He looks older and I swear I was just reading about this last summer on your blog. He's so handsome!!

KERRY said...

Camp sounds like so much fun!! Wish we had that here in Australia!
We often see it in the movies, so great for the kids :)

The Momma said...

Looks like a really great camp!!! What wonderful memories!! :)

DandelionBreeze said...

Wonderful... sounds like fun :) Love and thoughts to you all xoxo

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