Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now and Then

Yesterday Griffin had a really sweet new friend over to play! (pictures to come but I left my camera out in the car so you'll have to just wait for those :) Brody is about a month and a half younger than Griffin but soo advanced! He is already a mover and a shaker! Sweet Griffin just sat and hung out while he watched Brody scoot all over the floor. 

All this got me to thinking about when Griffin will start his crawling adventures. I fully believe that kids reach these milestones in their own time and I shouldn't compare apples to oranges. I was still curious though so I pulled out the dusty trusty external hard drive and went searching for video's of Grady from waaaaay back when :). 

Y'all I could have just died from the cuteness!! The date on the video below was February 20, 2009. Grady was one day shy of 9 months old. (and please ignore my really dirty floors...) (Oh and this is at our old house. I don't know why I fell like I should mention that but I do.)

This next video was from sometime in late May 2009. I think he was already past his first birthday. He was cruising along pretty good while holding onto furniture! 

How old were your kiddo's when they started crawling/walking?


Beth Ann said...

H goes all over the place army crawl style. He also pulls up on the couch and can walk along it! Ahhh! I am in no rush for him to walk! I hope he takes his time! I couldn't see the vids from my phone- will have to watch them from computer sometime!

Jamie said...

Jordan started crawling at 8 months..I was thinking he was really behind because my friend's babies were already crawling but then magically one day he found something he cared enough about to crawl to and now he's moving everywhere and pulling up on objects and he wishes he could I completely agree with you..each baby is different and do things in their own time. :-)

Michele said...

For Bobby, he crawled in the 9mo age range I think; he was walking a bit by their first birthday. Maya never cared for crawling all that month; she'd scoot by- literally. Did that from 10mo-13mo or so, then was cruising furniture around 14mo and walking right after.

The Momma said...

So so so so cute. I LOVE those videos! One of my favorite things is looking back at old cute!

The boy started crawling at 9 months and took his first steps at 10, full time walker at 12. The girl crawled around 10 months, and didn't walk until 15. They all definitely have their own schedule!!

Melanie Mueller said...

Just precious!!! Got me teary eyed!! My goodness--I cannot believe how time has flown!!
Oh and in the first video, Grady sounded like Griffin or vice versa. =)

Kathleen said...

You won an award on my blog for being so great :) go check it out!!

KERRY said...

My kids were pretty much all ten months old for crawling but varied in ages for walking. J was 12mths, R was 15 mths and L was 14mths.
Griffin will get there when he's ready. Why walk when you can be carried right?

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