Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Here!

{Insert guilty face here}

My hubby mentioned to me this past weekend just how long it had been since I had last blogged. Wowzers. Over 2 weeks I think... 

This hiatus has been totally unintentional. We've been going crazy with archery camp for Graham, swimming lessons for both boys and then Vacation Bible School the next week also for both boys. 

We have seriously been running ourselves ragged. This is our "off" week where we don't have much planned (WHOOP WHOOP!). Next week starts all over again with more busyness. 

I guess to get all caught up (if that's even remotely possible) I should probably do a fun bullet post.

  • Last week at our church's VBS I was in charge of 18 3 year olds. I was not alone, I did have help from others but HOLY COW. I have never napped better in my life. 

  • Grady cried almost every single day at swimming lessons. He also tried to get out and run away to get back in our car multiple times at each swim lesson. It was a very long two weeks of that mess. We still have 1 make-up lesson to go to this week. I don't expect him to act any different this time either. ::Sigh::

  • Before anyone leaves a comment saying things like "just start Grady again next year" or "don't push him" and "he's going to get traumatized" don't. I've been hearing it from those around us already.  Bobby and I feel pretty strongly that our boys need to be strong confident swimmers. I'm pretty sure that Grady is just pissed off that he can't play in the baby pool and chase little toys around. He hates that he's being made to hold a kick board and blow bubbles in the water. The Horror

  • While I was at said swimming lessons a mom that I know from Graham's school and who goes to our church asked me if we were going to try and have a girl. I put my big girl panties on and bravely reminded told her that we already had Caroline and that we were done having kids. Y'all I SWEAR she already knew about what happened to us. But who knows, maybe she just forgot. Whatever though. I was proud of myself for telling her about Caroline without crying. I have to admit that I bristled a lot when she asked if we knew why we had "miscarried" her. I hate when people use that word. She was more than just a miscarriage. She was stillborn. For whatever reason that makes a difference to me :/.

  • The boys and I spent the bulk of Saturday cleaning Graham's room. It was a monumental task and took almost all day (like you could not walk across the floor anymore). I managed to convince him that at the age of 10-1/2 he didn't really need all those toys. We threw away about 3 trash bags of stuff. Pretty much none of it was salvageable to be donated. It was all broken stuff or board games that were missing half their pieces. :(. We got him narrowed down to one bucket of stuff that he really liked to play with. I think that both of us slept better that night after that purge!

  • I missed all my blogging buddies! I've been trying to keep up when I can but I haven't really been able to read that much. I still love you all though!!

  • I started the process of spraying texture on the wallpaper in our kitchen. I didn't buy enough cans of the stuff when I was at Lowe's though. It's ended up being ok. The stuff smells just awful and I worry about the boys inhaling it. I think it's better that I do it in small spurts and have the process take longer. I can't wait until I'm able to start painting!

  • I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding October so I'm once again back on the dieting band wagon. I'm determined to have to have the dress I ordered taken in once it gets here from all my weight loss! :)

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend!


Kristy said...

I agree that kids should be strong confident swimmers. Some children are sooooo strong willed :) Ive missed reading your posts. I'm proud of you for talking about Caroline. Hope to see you around more :)

The Momma said...

I've missed you sweet friend, but understand the busyness of life!

I agree 100% about strong confident swimmers. I have a feeling my girl will be the same, she may NEVER full be one to ENJOY swimming lessons, and I am not going to pull her out just bc she doesn't think she likes's important to me

So sorry about the lady and the comments about Caroline. I'm so glad you are able to talk about her so freely. You DO have a girl.

Tristan said...

good grief! sound like just gets lost in the busyness!!

also..maybe if you carried a wallet picture of caroline you could SHOW them how beautiful and perfect she could they forget her then.
sorry you have to deal with that.

Payton&Jake's Mommy said...

Wow, that's a lot of running packed in a short amount of time. I can't say my life is any better though. : ) Hopefully little Grady will come to realize the pool is a fun place to be before long. Payton hated swim lessons as well.

I'm so glad you're back blogging. I missed you friend.

I am so very happy for you mentioning Caroline when that lady obviously wasn't thinking. You are a wonderful mommy for letting no one forget your baby girl. <3

Happy Tuesday Hillary!

Beth Ann said...

Hi! Missed you! Goodness, the art of minding one's own business has been lost I think! You are such a great mother and I'm pretty sure Grady will be alright. It is good for kids to learn that they don't always get their way and that when they start something- they finish it! I think so anyway! Sorry you had to put up with the other nosy questions- but I think you are so courageous and strong for telling your story... and not crying. Hugs to you! Good luck with all the house projects!

Beth Ann said...

PS- Do you have the bloglovin' app? That's how I keep up with reading blogs. I realize that you may be too busy for even that method though! ;)

Tesha said...

Missed you Hillary! We are out of town so I have not been reading or blogging much either. Well I have to say I soooo agree about the miscarriage term, I do not know why but it just really feels like it minimizes their life. I had a pretty big meltdown because someone said when you had that miscarriage. I said...NO I had a son named Jonathan! Well you did good speaking up for Caroline. I used to be one of those people that always asked are you going to have more kids but I hold my tongue now, you just never know the pain those words might cause. Sounds like you are a having a fun, action packed summer :) Love you sweet friend.

The Anglin Family said...

I just realized I need to message you back.
Grady will be fine. :-) I'd make my kid go back too. I'm not one of those moms, lol.
Yay for you speaking out about Caroline. You have a beautiful daughter and not to hurt anyone's feelings, but you are her mother and I think the more stillbirth is talked about the less insensitive people will be. I could go on and on. But it stings. And sometimes I just well up with tears instead of saying anything.
You are turning into a DIY DIVA at your house!!:-))

KERRY said...

I have missed you!! But I was on a break too, so we timed that just nicely :)
You guys have been busy, I don't have the same excuses.
Don't you feel so much better after a good clean out? I am getting there, hopefully in time for Spring so I can say that I 'Spring Cleaned' in Winter :)
Some people are just ignorant and don't think...I am sorry you have to hear some things like that and explain constantly, you know in your heart already you have a beautiful daughter in Heaven xoxo

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