Friday, March 22, 2013

Cub Scout Crossover!

Last month my son Graham officially became a Boy Scout!! The hubs and I could not be more proud!!

Graham joined Cub Scouts waaay back in first grade (the soonest that you are able).

Sweet Grady as a baby!

I just cry looking at how small my boys were :/. My how much they have grown!!

These were pictures that we took in front of our church back in 2008 when Graham went to his very first meeting.

Almost 5 years later and a ton of hard work Graham is a Boy Scout!

He completed the Cub Scout crossover and was accepted into the Boy Scouts of America.

Our proud Scouting family! (please ignore the stink on Grady's face...) 

This is Graham and some of his Webelos 2 friends from his den.

Bobby was even honored and asked to stand for all his years of hard work with the Cub Scout organization.

This is Graham "crossing over".

This is Graham as a Boy Scout after the ceremony!
Several weeks ago Graham and I started working on this project. It's just some of his patches and awards. He has many more that I need to pull off his old shirts and attach here. We will hang this on his bedroom wall to showcase all his many accomplishments!
We hope with all our hearts that Graham can continue this amazing momentum and become an Eagle Scout one day! We are as proud as peacocks that he's put forth so much effort and hard work. Go Graham!!


Melanie Mueller said...
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Melanie Mueller said...

Let me try this again. =)
Yay Graham!! SO proud of you!! Great family picture! I love Grady's shirt in those older pics!! Crazy how much the boys have grown and changed. Made me tear up a bit. =)

Kacey said...

Wow that is a terrific accomplishment congratulations Graham!!! What a wonderful idea displaying all his badges and awards, it's going to look great once finished.

M+W said...

Way to go Graham!! Congrats! I can't believe how teeny tiny they were! Beautiful family picture Hillary!

Tesha said...

WOW what a wonderful accomplishment Congratulations to your sweet son!!! It sounds like daddy is pretty amazing as well. Love the look back also:)

Tristan said...

how wonderful!!!

Kerry said...

Awww congrats to your handsome Graham!! I love that family pic, and isn't Griffin a real little boy now!! Where did your baby go?
Either Bobby is really tall or you're really short lol, I am guessing he is just tall :)
Good job Graham, sounds like a whole lot of fun too!!

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