Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Soccer

Graham and Grady have been playing spring soccer! (yet another reason for my blogging absence...) We are all about keeping our boys physically active in something and trying new things! Graham hasn't played soccer since Kindergarten and Grady has never played. It has been fun for both of them learning all these new skills!

Both boys have practice twice a week and games on Saturday. To say we are involved with soccer most of the week is an understatement! (only Fridays and Sundays are soccer-free)

The boys had their first soccer games two weeks ago.

 Graham has been playing goalie a lot and seems to really like it!

Graham also had a chance to play a more "offensive" position too! (oh and Grady spent quite a bit of time picking grass at Graham's game while he waited for his to start). :)

Grady has been playing in the 4 year old soccer league. Those little kids are hilarious!! Most are running the wrong way, getting into mini-fights, chasing the ball into other teams playing fields...

This of course, includes my child...

Above is Grady who thought that it would be fun, MID-GAME, to go play between the goals. He of course managed to get tangled up in the ropes and had to have his coach come save him. He was literally yanking him by his arm pits out. I was dying of laughter. Only Grady...

I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!!

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