Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Spring!

Which means that it's time to start mowing again.

Our family's favorite past time. Not. :)

While it is fun to be outside hanging out together it's not so much fun to be stuck doing chores.

Thank goodness we finally have a new helper!

Bobby got him started (by doing just a tad bit of the harder corners) and then Graham took off and did the rest all by himself! I could not have been more proud! I know it had to be soo hard for him. I mean, come on! It's a riding lawn mower for goodness sakes! I know he really had to reign himself in and not go as fast as he wanted too :). He did a great job following his previously made lines and getting up as many leaves as possible. Who know? Maybe by next year we'll be able to just say "Time to mow the lawn!" and he'll be able to head outside and just take care of it for us!

When Graham got done I tried to get some St. Patty's Day pictures of the boys in their green but both pretty much refused to stop having fun :).

Happy Hump Day everyone!


ginmommy said...

I just love the boys being silly! SO CUTE.

Melanie Mueller said...

Cute pictures! I am just about to post a pretty similar post of my boys in their green and a silly picture too!
Yay for Graham getting to work! ;)

M+W said...

Graham is so big! I can't believe he's able to mow the lawn all by himself! What a great helper :)One day Maxwell will be doing the same for us too.

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