Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dogs Have Birthdays Too!

My youngest "son" turns ONE today!

Yes, I am that crazy lady who is blogging about her dog's birthday... If I had even a smidge more time I'd be throwing a party for him complete with doggie friends. :)

Gunnar was born 11/12/13. And THANK GOD for that or else I'd never remember it.

He is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He lets the boys dog-pile him, use him as a pillow to watch tv, and even cry into his soft side when someone hurts their feelings.

He has his very own dog bed (complete with a ridiculously over priced memory foam mattress) but chooses to sleep with Bobby and I. Thank goodness we have a king size bed because Gunnar can.not seem to figure out how to sleep parallel to Bobby and I to save his life.

Gunnar still likes it when his humans troop outside with him to go potty. (this is how we potty trained him as a puppy) MANY times a day he will scratch at the door to go outside but once he realizes that he'll be going out there on his own he will  back it right back up into the house and wait us out. Can you say frustrating?! :)

No toys are ever safe with him! As you can tell, his longer hair is just starting to grow in. It's started with his tail and is moving gradually down his body. I can't wait until it's all grown in. He is as soft as cashmere! 

This is Gunnar's Happy Birthday basket. All those yummies and his favorite thing was the blue dog. :)

This is Gunnar and some of his litter mates at only 11 days old! How precious are these babies!? It was sooo hard to pick him out! I think that Gunnar is the little fattie and the bottom and towards the right. 
And last but not least thing about Gunnar is his addiction to sticks (and rocks). He is a stick HOARDER. I put not one of these sticks here for this picture. He did! He collects them all right by the boys sandbox and chews on them. How funny is that?! He also like to carry rocks around in his mouth but I make him drop those when I catch him. I have ZERO plans to take him to the doggie dentist any time soon if he happens to break a tooth. :)

Happy 1st Birthday Gunnar! We love you like our 4th son! :)


Tesha Papik said...

You crack me up:)! That is one blessed dog to have a family that loves him SOOOO much!:)

ginmommy said...

Sweetness! :-)

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