Friday, November 7, 2014

Doing What Boys Do

We've had a couple of days of cold and rain. If you've ever visited (or lived in) South Texas you know that this doesn't happen very often. So it was usual when I had to keep Griffin inside to play for those two days. He proceeded to go crazy and then take me with him... :)

This morning, with the sun shining and my blessing he trooped back outside just as quick as his little legs could carry him. I managed to get boots on over his long jammies and a fleece pullover but that was it.

He had a blast! Our ground was soo soggy and wet but he couldn't be deterred and I couldn't deter him! Oh bless me how I wanted to though...

I bit my lip every time I wanted to say "Get out of that water!" and "Don't smear mud of yourself!".

Griffin had to do what boys do.

I just LOVE this sweet, dirty, boogy, face!

It wasn't long before Griffin ditched his boots. His poor PJ's will never be the same ... :)

Even  Gunnar had the wiggles and need to get out and play! 

Happy Friday! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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Wendy said...

You're a fantastic mom for going with the flow that day & letting him be a boy! PJ's can be washed, will be outgrown, & can be replaced. The memories he made that day will last forever!! (Gunnar is getting so big & handsome!!) :) Love you all!!!

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