Monday, April 16, 2012

March Of Dimes ~ 2012

This past Saturday we completed our first walk for March of Dimes! I would have done it last year except that I was pregnant with Griffin and was really babying my body at that point. We had such a great time participating and I can't wait to do it again!

Griffin was the only one of my boys that went with us. Graham had baseball pictures that day and Bobby took him to that. Grady went along with him because they also had a "fun day" out at the ball fields for the kids!

Griffin was a little confused by all the noise and hoopla at the starting area. He wore this look most of the time until we started walking and it got quieter. :)

This little cutie joined us too. Kassidy and her Momma Kim joined us on our walk. Kim is a distant cousin by marriage to my hubby. It was fun to walk with them and get to know Kim a little better!

This is some of us before the walk (Bobby's cousin Wendy on the left, My SIL Melanie, myself, and my other  SIL Stacy). It was a great weather day, just a tad bit overcast with a little wind blowing. We were loving that we would not have to walk in the heat!

Here is all of us before the race stated! (please ignore my funny baby pooch that was made much worse by holding Griffin :)

They had these awesome banners up that could be personalized with names. I of course had Caroline's name added. When we first arrived at the walk I stated looking for these banners. When I found their location I stated to make a beeline for them. Half-way there I had a mini panic attack and couldn't make myself go any further.I stated to get really really choked up and thank goodness my SIL Melanie was right there to grab my camera and get these pictures. (Thanks Mel, I might have forgotten to say that on Saturday.) My reaction totally caught me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to get emotional at all that day. We were all having such a good time! I guess it just goes to show you how quickly and unexpectedly grief can show up no matter how long its been. :(

My sweet Caroline's pretty name! 

The back of our shirt as modeled by Melanie!

Griffin was just happy that he found a tag to play with for an hour!

There were soo many people that participated! It was wonderful to be part of so much support!

Did I mention already that it was at Sea World? :)As we were walking a more "behind the scene's" area, the handlers for the sea lions brought one out and had him "bark" and wave to all of us walking by! It was seriously the cutest thing ever!! Sorry it's such a blurry picture, I should have ran up closer :).

We didn't raise a ton of money this year but it really motivated me for next year! We really spent this year just getting our feet wet and figuring out the ins and outs of the walk. Next year we'll be much more prepared. Watch out! :)


Tesha said...

WOW Awesome! I love the shirt so much. How sweet that they put up the babies names what a blessing. I love to see or hear Jonathan's name. It is so great that you guys did this what a blessing. I so agree you never know when grief will sneak up on you. I am totally fine then I am sobbing quite irritating. It looks like a wonderful day! Hugs sweet friend.

The Mama said...

How awesome! I'm glad it was such a pretty day, and I'm so glad your SIL got those pictures for you. What a wonderful way to remember your perfect little girl. Can't wait to hear the details for next year's walk!

DandelionBreeze... aka NYMum said...

What a wonderful idea :) Lovely that you could do it this year and love that Caroline is remembered in such a special way too xoxo

Kacey said...

Sounds like an awesome way to remember your Caroline and all those babies lost before their time. The t-shirts looked great too.

The Anglin Family said...

So happy for you that you got to do this. I love seeing your sweet Carolines name:-)

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