Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Week In Pictures!

I figure that the best way to get caught up once again would be to show you all the fun stuff we've had going on with the pictures that I managed to grab along the way! (Please pardon the 9 million pictures...)

My cutie that just LOVES to eat! 

Graham passing out palm leaves (fronds ?) on Palm Sunday.

Griffin was just enthralled with his palm! He played with it the entire service! :)

Daddy and sleepy boy after church this past Sunday.

You gotta love JC Penny's for passing out free bunny ears this past Sunday. The boys were excited to have them!

Bunny Boy #2 waiting patiently to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.

And Bunny Boy #3. He was pretending to be excited about seeing EB at the mall :). Did I tell you that last week Graham mentioned to me that  he" knew the Easter Bunny was really just you and Daddy". No mention of any other holiday figures were mentioned so I stayed quiet.

We tried very very very hard to get blue bonnet pictures this year. It was seriously a no-go. Maybe next year will be better? 

Griffin would not look up for anything. He pulled and yanked on every flower he could get his fat little fist on! :)

We finally switched to individual pictures and had marginally better results. What do you think? Would this one (or the one below) be blog header worthy?

I know that Griffin is not looking head on in this picture but I love to see his sweet little profile!

My darling Graham who complied instantly so we could "hurry up and be done".

My little stink Grady. He somehow managed to cut his nose in the bathtub the night before. I never could figure out how it happened. Only Grady could draw blood in an inch of water with and a small plastic cup...

I was delighted to capture this lady bug crawling on one of the blue bonnets!

My sweet boy at the doctor on Monday for his 6 month check up. He is doing wonderful she said! 82nd percentile for both height and weight. 38th percentile for head. He weighed 19 pounds and 10 ounces and was 27-1/2" long. His head circumference was 43.4.

He also got his first flu shot! He LOVED that. Not.

We had an extra yummy dinner that night so of course I had to snap a picture! :) Food is important around here.

I just had to grab a picture of my cutie sleeping in his nap nanny. He almost never does this anymore so I figured it was blog worthy. HA!

Griffin has also become VERY adept at rolling over and just has to show off his new skilz every chance he gets. No surface is safe anymore. :) 

Yay! You made it through yet another crazy post with far too many pictures!! I'm going to maybe have to do a celebratory give away. :) Happy early Easter everyone!


Beth Ann said...

Love all the pics!

Jamie said...

Love picture updates! The pics are definitely blog header worthy!! Let's get real...any picture of that sweet face would be. :-)

Tesha said...

Hillary I love the pics! It is so hard to get all the kids to look sometimes I use a Whistle, that shocks them and gets them to look. I keep it in my mouth so my hands are free. I will edit your pics if you want and really make those blue eyes pop! I just love getting a glimpse at your week. So sweet the palm Sunday pics:)

ccc said...

I love looking at your 9 million pics (LOL). So funny about Grady getting hurt on a plastic youngest just split his head open while playing play-doh at the table. He fell off the bench onto the floor. ...I never knew playdoh was so dangerous(he was fine, in case you are wondering--almost took him to ER, but waited and then it scabbed up and I thought the trauma of stitches would be worse than a scar)

The Mama said...

These pictures are all absolute perfection. Your 3 boys are SO DARN handsome. I love the picture of Graham smiling in order to get the pics over with, Grady looked seriously stinking CUTE in his picture, and man oh man that Griffin is so darn cute. Love me some sweet pics of sweet little boys.

Oh man about "I know the Easter bunny is just you and dad". I'm so not ready for that.

I think when my kids are at LEAST 7 and 5 we "might" be able to get some good pictures again, but probably not until then!!!

DandelionBreeze... aka NYMum said...

Always love your photos... your kids look so happy :)) xoxo

Tristan said...

those boys of your are too cute!

t-a got bunny ears

Melanie Mueller said...

Lots of great photos of my handsome nephews!!! Love the bunny ears!

Candance said...

So, that nap nanny thing? Do they come in adult sizes cause I really want one?

I also need to squish your little dudes cheeks.

You made cute kids. Nice work!

ginmommy said...

Great pictures!!! Happy Easter friend!

Kacey said...

How cute are all three of your bunnies!

KERRY said...

Oh my gosh, Griffin is just so cute!! I bet you kiss those chubby little cheeks all day long Hillary :)
I think the profile pic for your header, I really love those blue bonnets you have over there, the pics of the boys in the field with them are just lovely!
That first pic of Griffin with his bib is so adorable, he is growing so much!!
All of your boys are gorgeous!!
Hope you guys had a fantastic Easter!!

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