Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Griffin and Sissy

Now that Griffin is an older baby he is of course much more animated. His smiles, his laughs, his cries, they all seem to distinctly mean something.

I had gotten Griffin up from his nap yesterday afternoon and we were sitting together in the rocking chair. It was incredibly noisy downstairs and I wanted just one quiet minute with just him. We were doing our rocking thing when he craned his neck back around towards his crib and just smiled and giggle SO big! I instinctively looked over to see what he was looking at. There was nothing there of course.

Or was there?

The first thing that popped out of my mouth without even thinking about it was "Was Sissy playing with you?". At first I kind of shook my own head at myself. Seriously? What was I thinking?

The more that Griffin and I sat there together the more it made sense. Of course Caroline (or as I now like to call her around the boys, Sissy) was there. To me, she's not that tiny baby at the hospital anymore. She's as old as she should be now. What almost 2 year old little girl isn't just in love with baby dolls? And honestly, Griffin is the cutest baby doll around y'all! Sissy is most certainly there with Griffin.

She is playing with him, entertaining him, soothing him.

This is my beautiful niece Alice. She is my younger brother's oldest daughter. I LOVE how much she looks like Winston and I as children. It is she that I picture when I think of Caroline. I think they would have looked a lot alike. Incidentally and wonderfully, I am about 10 weeks pregnant with Caroline in this picture. :)

 I get such an enormous amount of comfort picturing my Caroline looking as sweet and precious as Alice does visible only Griffin.  


The Momma said...

That's beautiful Hillary. And I do think that Caroline was there with Griffin for sure.

Hugs friend!!

Tristan said...

awwwww! of course she is!

Tesha said...

Oh that brought a tear to my eyes. I can just see her giggling and playing with him. I am sure she is a lovely vision of soft blonde hair. You are so right your Griffin is the cutest baby doll around! :) Love ya sweet friend.

Kristy said...

I think that is super sweet. I currently see Grant as a tiny baby but I don't know how I'll see him in the future. I like to thank that he will be watching over his future siblings. Love that sweet smile!

KERRY said...

You are making me tear up Hillary! What a sweet post, a sweet thought for your daughter and what she would have looked like today and my gosh that son of yours is gorgeous!!! I just want to kiss that cute face of his xoxox

The Anglin Family said...

He couldnt get any cuter if he tried! Caroline is laughing and playing right along with that sweet boy:-)
I can see Caroline looking like Alice..I know she is running around in heaven, a pretty blonde haired blue eyed sweet sweet girl!!

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