Monday, August 20, 2012

Only In A Boy House...

do you have to wash shoes off after a great weekend like this :). Odd maybe, but I'm just thankful that 

a. we had a great weekend

b. it's summertime and we can wash shoes off like this

What's a boy momma to do in winter when they have to wear athletic shoes? HA!

Oh and nakey Griffin says "Good Morning" !

P.S.  please take notice of the wall behind Griffin, no more yellow flowered wall paper! (err, except for at the bottom where I haven't finished yet....) What do you think?


M+W said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to be washing Max's little shoes! The wall looks pretty good! You did a great job!

Tristan said...

hahaha..i have caught myself doing that in a gril house too..hahaha..but in my defense we live on a farm..hahaha!

Tesha said...

Ha I know that routine all to well :) The new wall looks great, modern.

KERRY said...

I think you should have a whole heap of cheerios on your floor the way I do mine when Liam eats them ;)

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