Monday, August 13, 2012

Why I Love That Show "Hoarders"

Do y'all ever watch that bit of insanity called "Hoarders"?

I couldn't help myself last night and watched an episode. It's seriously the best train wreak on TV right now (aside from that Honey Boo Boo show). Graham and Grady just happened to walk back in the house while I was watching and I decided to educate them on just why their Momma makes them crazy asking them to pick their crap up. :)

It seriously must have made an impression on this one ...

because I walked into my kitchen this afternoon to find this...

My child decided that he needed to use a coaster for his sippy cup. This is hilarious to me for 2 reasons. 

a.) We have no surfaces left in our house that are "coaster-worthy". Anything that used to be nice enough to require a coaster has now been destroyed by the boys.
b.) Check out the awful state of my kitchen table. Does that even look "coaster-worthy" to you?? ;)

Later he told me that he wanted to pick up his toys so "our house wouldn't look like the one on TV last night". 

We will be watching an episode of "Hoarders" from here on out. 


Amy said...

Great idea! Hoarders nightly. LOL

ginmommy said...

I watched two episodes of that madness yesterday! It leaves you feeling like A) You should get up and clean B) Your house looks GREAT! It really is awful people live like that.

Kristy said...

That show makes me want to throw up! Just seeing the clutter drives me nuts.

Kacey said...

I could not live like some of those people. I get anxious if the kitchen isn't clean at least by the end of the day! Good work in motivating your little guys to keep the house tidy. Maybe keep some photos of the hoarders houses posted up on the fridge as a reminder!

Tristan said... have scared him..hahaha..he doesn't wanna live like that momma..bahahhaa.

oh my honey boo boo..ahhhhh. crazy..sad thing is..the majority of the people that live here could totally do that show..bahahah!

KERRY said...

Where'd you get that picture of Jordyn's bedroom? lol
Seriously, I do not understand, I am close to understanding, but not quite there yet lol
Grady is funny doing that with his drink, you have him concerned now hahaha
I want to visit your house for a coffee!!! Just looking at it makes me want to be able to pop over to see you :)

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