Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

Or get them up if it's time for their nap to be over! :)

I just LOVE me some sleeping baby pictures. I just hate that it usually wakes them up in the process. For the most part I don't wake Griffin unless it's absolutely necessary. I figure if he's sleeping for a pretty long time then it's something that his little body really needed! But, for the record, he had already been asleep going on 3 hours and that was just a morning nap. I still wanted him to take an afternoon one too so it was for sure time to get up!

Oh I just am in love with his little lips (and the slightly crazy sleep hair)!

By the time that the second flash went off he rolled right over and was awake and ready to get up!

(And don't you just LOVE how well my breathable bumpers are working?! They sure are "breathable" when he's mashed them all down the sides of the mattress....) I figure when he turns a year I'll put the "pretty" ones back in there.

Now there's my sweet smiley boy! 


Amy said...

He's a red eyed devil!

The Momma said...

Love it! He is so cute!!! I love sleeping baby pics too!

Good for you on the breathable bumpers. I never did that with either kid and always wondered about it. Looks like they are working great!

Tesha said...

Love the sweet pictures sleeping babies are my favorite :)

Kacey said...

Love the sleepy smilies I get when James wakes up! Looks like you get some cute sleepy smilies from Griffin too!

ginmommy said...

One of my favorites is sleeping baby pics! He's precious!

KERRY said...

He's too cute for words and growing way too fast!!

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