Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ice, Ice, Baby

This past weekend I headed up North to a bridal shower in Dallas (Shout out to my friend Amy!). While the boys and I were up there we decided to sneak in a little extra fun and headed out to the Gaylord Texan. They have the most amazing Christmas things already going on! We didn't have a ton of time so we picked the funnest thing they had to do which was to go see ICE! 

ICE is just what it sounds like... millions of pounds of colored are carved ice! Each year they pick a new and fun theme. This year was Merry Madagascar. My boys just adore that movie so it was even more special that we were able to see it in ice!

Each room that you toured had a particular scene carved out and then that portion of the story playing out loud for all to hear. 

(Warning now... This is one of those crazy pictures post :)

Grady and Graham at the entrance to the ICE show. Mimi (my Momma) and Griffin came with us but Griffin lost it right before we were going in and my sweet Momma kept him in the Lobby area for us. Also, let me apologize now for how funny some of my pictures turned out. My poor camera had the hardest time focusing with all that reflective ice in there!

Graham pretty much staying freezing cold (Hey! They keep it at 9 degrees in there!) the whole time. Most of his pictures look just like this one :).

Grady was just fascinated with all of the ice! He was just a tiny baby last time he was here. 

A sweet lady stopped us and asked if she could take our picture. Not the greatest but at least we're all smiling and looking at the camera right? :)

This is my very magnificent picture of the ice slides they had there. Crazy how you can see the frozen condensation in the air! They had 4 slides and Graham went down one but I couldn't get Grady to. He just cried and cried and said how scared he was. Poor baby, he missed out on such a fun ride!

My boys got so tickled at the frozen and real coconuts and just begged me to take a picture of them.

Another things that they cracked up! Banana ice skates!

At the end of the event they had the most beautiful ice sculptures depicting Christ's birth. They had the nativity story playing in this room as well. It was just so beautiful and special!

We all had the best time and made some great memories!


Kristy said...

So Fun! I love Gaylord ICE! We have been the past 2 years. Next time you are driving through my area you should shoot me a message :)

Tristan said...

how awesome is that!!!!
looooove this!

Kacey said...

That's awesome!! I love that movie especially the penguins!!!

Kerry said...

That place looks amazing and so fun for the kids! Such patience and talent for whoever carved that ice lol It does look cold though!
Look at yours and Graham's smile in that pic of you all, identical!!

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