Friday, November 9, 2012

Confession Friday

  • I have 47 million things (with pictures) to blog about but I just haven't.

  • I let Graham, Grady, and Griffin watch too many cartoons. Far more than is good for their little brains.

  • I'm pretty upset with some of my neighbors who came and picked fruit from out 2 fruit trees (with our permission). They took most of the fruit off the trees including a boat load that was no where near ready to be picked yet. I don't know much about produce but it seems to me that ripening on the tree would be best for fruit especially when the homeowner (me) tells the neighbor across the street that they can "come over anytime and pick fruit". They did not have to take it all at once. Can anyone now tell me what the heck to do with a LARGE bag of green lemons?? Yeah, they were nice enough to pick my own un-ripe fruit and bring it to me.

  • I got in a fight with my hubby this morning. It ended up with me hanging up on him. I feel very bad and very immature for doing that. I won't tell you what over. It's an issue that is both political and religious. We each are pretty committed to our notion of what is right and what is not. It's probably best that we agree to disagree on this issue and that it's something we need not discuss ever again. Right? Thoughts?

  • I got Griffin's hair cut and they did a terrible job. I've been calling him Lloyd because he looks like this now. 
yeah, the one of the left...
  • The pile of dishes in my sink look something akin to what you might see in a college frat house.

  • I have eaten like half of my kids Halloween candy. I dare not get on a scale any.time.soon. 

  • I made a bunch of things (food-wise) from Pinterst lately and about 3/4 of them came out tasting pretty crappy. Food Fail.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


ginmommy said...

I also let my kids watch too much television, and play too many video games. But hey, at least we admit it, right? Isn't that the first step? ha! :-)

Unknown said...
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Jeff K said...

You spelled where wrong in there. Instead you put wear.
So now you need to admit that you are not a good spell checker.
Just wanted to add insult to injury. LOL

Kerry said...

HI!!!!! I am here, finally!!! Oh Hillary, you had me laughing throughout this post, I swear you write from my heart and head lol
I am guilty with so many of these things, the cartoons, the dishes and I nearly choked on my ice-cream when you said your neighbours had picked all of your fruit lol (not funny - but kinda is) and even picked the un-ripened ones!!! Are you serious?
I am sure Bobby forgives you for hanging up, it wouldn't be the first time a woman has hung up on her husband and you won't be the last one either ;)

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