Monday, November 19, 2012


I keep seeing all over Facebook and other blogs I follow how more and more people seem to be getting ready for Christmas early this year.  A TON of people I know already have a tree up! Some might think "one Holiday at a time please!" but for me it's more like "I love the Holiday's so much that I want to celebrate them all for as long as I can!".

Because of this philosophy I started shopping in August! I'm already all done in that department (more on that later...) so I can focus more on fun local events going on and spending quality time with my family and friends. I'm getting ready to order my Christmas cards this week so that they can get addressed and mailed out by next week. I figure the sooner I can spread the holiday cheer to other the better :).

Greeting Cards at Treat

Would you like to spread some holiday cheer early this year too?! Treat wants to help you celebrate the season! Whether you're sending out a "Thanks for a delish Turkey dinner!" or a "Merry Christmas!" card you can personalize it however you'd like! The best part of all? They pretty much cost the same as a greeting card that you'd get in a store. How awesome to take that chore off your to-do list during this busy season!

Gobble and Wobble Thanksgiving Cards

Want to know the other great part?? Today and tomorrow Treat is giving you a free card to try them out! Just enter TREATBLOGR at checkout.

Happy card shopping ya'll! 


The Momma said...

Feels so good to be done huh?

I don't know how I feel about the trees going up before Thanksgiving. I'm sort of in the mindset that people are just rushing past Thanksgiving, but I also understand it as well. We can't do it bc we are hosting Thanksgiving this year, but I know that Friday first thing, we will pull out our decorations as well!!!

Trennia Hedges said...

You are already done? I am So jealous! Anyways, great job! I am just kidding, in all honesty...Great Job!

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