Friday, December 21, 2012

Caroline's Newest Ornament

Yesterday I was greeted with the sweetest person on my doorstep!

Sorry Jorie, I totally swiped your newest Facebook picture :).

This is Jorie. She comes as the biggest blessing and Godsend! She is both our babysitter and most importantly a cousin. Her grandmother and Bobby's grandmother are sisters. Funnily enough Jorie's  grandfather and Bobby's grandfather were brothers! How cute is that, two brothers marrying two sisters! We are super related ... :).

In her sweet and thoughtful hands was this

I die...

So beautiful and sweet just like my precious girl!! I immediately started to tear up despite Jorie saying "No! Wait! Stop! Don't cry!" :) I just couldn't help it. It was such a thoughtful gift. It meant more to me that she remember our sweet girl at Christmas time than the gorgeous ornament in my hand (which don't get me wrong, I ADORE).  

Jorie, we are so thankful for you, love you, and are continually blessed by both your outer AND inner beauty!


Sarah said...

The perfect gift! What a thoughtful young lady!

Tristan said...

that is beautiful!!! what a sweet girl!

The Momma said...

How perfect. I love that new ornament!! :)

Shannon said...

So wonderful and thoughtful! There is no greater gift to grieving parents than other remembering their beloved child. Merry Christmas! :)

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