Wednesday, December 12, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite {Christmas} Things!

Makes me feel like Oprah. :) Just without all her money. HA! 

This Christmas season I have collected quite a bit of things that have me super excited for this special season! I love to discover new and special things for both myself and my boys (and that includes my sweet hubby as well :).

We started out the Holiday season with mugs of hot cocoa. Yummy! My boys and I really love the mini marsh mellows and how they melt into foamy layer of delishishness.  OMG. I could drink it daily!!

My next fun find was this gorgeous necklace and earrings! I found them at the cutest local shop. I love how the necklace has both pink AND red in it. I now can wear it all season long with almost anything! The hot pink sweater was an awesome Old Navy find for only 15 bucks!

The next great find was these fun little flavored straws for the boys. Who wouldn't want to drink Chocolate Candy Cane flavored milk?? :)

 We are also loving our Elf on the Shelf, Jerry. We've had Jerry for a couple of years now but this is the first year that boys have really paid him much attention. They just love to get up in the morning and see who can find first where he moved overnight.  Only one night have Bobby and I forgot to move Jerry. OOPS! I had to do some pretty quick talking that morning to get myself out of that jam!

The next picture is how Bobby stays Holly and Jolly during the holiday season... :) 

A couple of weeks ago I found the cutest tree at Target! I have been looking around for a little tree to go in our dining room for the boys to decorate and this one ended up being perfect. It tops out at 6 feet but the boys were still able to reach most of it to do all their own decorating. I think it turned out super cute! (Sorry that the picture is a little blurry. My camera just couldn't seem to focus.)


The boys received several advent calendars this year. The two oldest each have a fun chocolate filled one to open. Grady's is the Santa one which is perfect as each little door has the traditional "Santa story" on it. Graham's is the advent calender that depicts the birth of Jesus. His, of course, has scriptures and the true Christmas story on the insides of the doors. I love that we can combine the whimsical secular side of Christmas as well as the religious "reason for the season" portion. 

The middle advent calender is their favorite! It's a Lego one that has a small figure or item to build behind each door. It made for a great St. Nick gift! Thanks Omi!

 I love that this year I was able to add a couple more pictures to my "Christmas Collection". I am so thankful to have all of these memories that the boys and I made together!!

I also found these super cute Christmas walls clings! I have always seen the window ones but recently discovered the wall ones. I always want cute Christmas stuff to hang on my walls  and these were perfect!

 What fun Christmas things have you discovered??


Beth Ann said...

Love all this stuff! So fun! Really love that pink sweater! And now you have me craving some hot chocolate loaded down with marshmallows. ;)

The Momma said...

I love it all. Love the pink sweater, love the advent it all :)

rebecca said...

Very nice, I started craving hot cocoa after reading this!!

Tesha said...

The sweater and necklace are Perfect we have the same style;)

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