Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas Morning 2012!

We have had such a wonderfully blessed holiday (and it's not even over yet, we still have one more to go!) already this year. We did an early Christmas with my Momma up in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and so our second round of seasonal festivities was Christmas Eve itself! After the children's service at our church and a visit to my SIL Melanie's house for some tamales, we headed home to get ready for the big fat guy! :)

Grady was able to make two bags of  "reindeer food" at preschool the week before so we had some for each of the bigger boys to put out.

I managed to hold the boys up to try and get a picture of them in their Christmas jammies before they went outside. Don't you just love the pj's Gretchen?? :)

Poor Grady was sooo tired by this time... 

After the boys were snugly tucked into bed Bobby and I hurried out to the living room to get ready for the next morning. This is what the three boys woke up to Christmas morning! Bobby and I received a Christmas miracle in that no one came to get us up until 7:30!!

The stockings ended up being so heavy that we had to lay them out instead of leaving them on their holders. (pardon my coffee looks like crap because the boys do nothing but play on it and I refuse to get anything nice until they are older :)

Sleepy little boy...

This was hilariously enough, the best picture of the 3 boys together.

The rest that follows was almost a blur :). There were toys, tissue paper, wrapping paper, everywhere! I could hardly keep up with my camera!

Graham's most coveted Christmas gift. An X Box 360! 

Graham's haul!

Grady's haul!

Griffin's (little) haul! Ya'll he's just a baby and already has sooo much stuff that he needed almost nothing!

Even Crash got doggie gifts.
 My awesome self remembered that I had an old "bike bag" put up with my wrapping stuff so I pulled it out to use for trash collection. Best.idea.ever. Instead of 97 smaller trash bags we used just one AND it even had a draw string at the top. I'll be buying one of these every year from now on just for this purpose!

Griffin wasn't super into opening gifts this year so he mostly just ate breakfast and watched. He was pretty happy about his set up. :)

...until brothers got too loud and rowdy for him...

Bobby and I ended our Christmas morning with the breakfast of champions (and by that I mean a Pinterest inspired casserole).

We had a wonderful morning together! I couldn't have been happier with our day!

How was your Christmas?


ginmommy said...

Hey! Yes, I love the pj's! TOO CUTE! You look like you had a fantastic Christmas. Ours was great too, and I've been snowed in a extra day, oh boo ;-) Thanks friend, for the shout-out!

Kathleen said...

looks like yall had a blast Christmas morning! :)

Tesha said...

Merry Christmas my friend I am so glad you had a blessed day! Also congrats on two years, I am si thankful for your blog and Caroline life. You have helped me more than you will ever know.

Beth Ann said...

So fun! Looks like they were all very good boys! And I can only imagine that Griffin doesn't need anything with all the hand me down toys from his brothers- I'm already wondering what we will ever get Brooks because he will already have everything from Holden!

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