Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mimi's Always Taking One For The Team

Mimi is my Momma and bless her sweet heart, she's always up for *almost* anything for the boys. She was very very brave and came to visit us during Thanksgiving. The boys all had such a fantastic time with her! I wish that she would just cave already and let us build her a Mother-In-Law suite :). Stop laughing Bobby...

Mimi playing "crack the egg" with Grady

 My poor mother trying to defend herself against the 4 year old onslaught...

Griffin wrangling...

 Mimi even taught Griffin the finer points of how to gnaw on a turkey leg :).

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Mimi humored us all and was the greatest sport of all and ventured out to the deer lease with us! We only stayed a couple of hours to hang out with the boys and then bring them back home with us. I think she really enjoyed it though! The leaves were just beginning to change so we had some awesome scenery to look at!

Griffin driving the Mule.

"I've got this Dad. You can let go now."

Mimi's first (and most likely last) Mule ride.

 We really did all have a great time just driving around and hanging out together!

Love you with all our hearts Mimi and can't wait to see you again soon!!!


Beth Ann said...

What a fun grandma!

M+W said...

The boys have an amazing grandmother! They are some lucky boys :)

The Momma said...

What a fun grandma indeed! You are a lucky woman! I love all of the pictures!

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