Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Going Gluten Free

This might just be the most boring post ever but if I don't put it here I'll never be able to keep track of it :). As of this morning we are a gluten-free family.

In a nutshell we have been struggling to keep the many facets of Graham's ADHD under control. After doing some research (and my unwillingness to fiddle with Graham's med's for the 1000th time) I've decided (and with Bobby's blessing) to try some more "natural" things.

I'm still really unfamiliar with the ins and outs that entail going gluten-free but I figure that I'll learn as I go. Oh and if you too are living a GF lifestyle would you shoot me an email so I can pick your brain? :)

This was my last gluten filled meal. :) Avocado Chicken salad with cilantro lime dressing sandwich on bakery-fresh sourdough. YUM!
My new grocery haul from last nights shopping extravagant. This is just a portion. Some things I had already put up and was too lazy to pull back out for the picture :).

Did you notice this little "gem" front and center in my above picture? I had one for breakfast because they sounded soo good! And you know what? LARABAR LIED!!! In no way, shape, or form do these bars taste like "chocolate chip cookie dough. They taste like crappy Christmas fruitcake. Seriously

I know my family and I will be able to make our way around finding what we like and what we don't like. I'm not super worried. Honestly Graham does really well about eating most of what gets put in front of him so he'll be fine. Grady is getting ridiculously picky about everything anyways so he might as well be picky with GF as non-GF. 

As Bobby and I were talking about this change we decided that we would commit to trying this for one solid year. The online research that I've done so far suggests that it could take 9-12 months before results are seen. I figure if we all end up at the same place we started (meaning little to no change in how we're all feeling) then we can go right back to our old diet. If things work out like I'm hoping then the signs and symptoms of ADHD will diminish (I'm not looking for a cure, I firmly believe that ADHD is a neurological/frontal lobe issue) in both Graham and Grady.  

This morning I had a brief discussion with Grady's teacher when I dropped him off for pre-school. She was sooo unbelievably on board when I told her what was going on. Typically she wouldn't need to be involved in any of this but I'm worried about class parties/classmates birthday cupcakes etc. She said that she would be always on the lookout (aka reading labels) for me and even said that we could keep a "goody bag" of GF treats in her cabinet for him. I'm fairly certain that Graham's teachers will have no problem doing the same. 

I'm kinda excited about this new journey for us! I hope that our family sees results sooner rather than later but I'm more than willing to be patient and trust the process. 

Do any of ya'll follow a GF diet?? Anyone have any hints of suggestions??


ginmommy said...

I am not GF, however, my in-laws and my sister-in-law are. My sil, is VERY into it. Her daughter has had lots of health issues, also issues at school, and since starting this, her daughter has made vast improvements. If you want, I can ask her to email you, I know she knows TONS about it.

Tesha said...

I think that is wonderful to make such a big change you are so committed to your boys being their best. We are no GF however when posted this cookie recipe someone mentioned it is GF so you might want to give it a try it is SUPER easy:)

That sandwich look pretty incredible;)

Shannon said...

We have tried GF in the past. I highly recommend making a visit to Trader Joe's at the Quarry. They are very helpful, and have a lot of GF stuff. Also, so does Sprout's. Whole foods is overpriced on a lot of items. I'd also recommend you take all food dyes and preservatives out of his diet (and all of your boys). Evan cannot have any food dye or preservatives, from my observation, or he is very hyper! LOL I hope it goes well!

Michele said...

We did it as a family for Bobby... it was tough and ended up. Not helping. For us, a big help was cutting out phenolic fruits, like bananas.

Kacey said...

Good on you for thinking outside the box for the health of your family. And good luck I hope you see results sooner rather than later!


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