Thursday, February 21, 2013

Griffin's First Lollipop

Because lollipop eating is sooo important and I must.document.everything. :)

Before the to die for cuteness begins let me preface this by saying this is technically his third lollipop. The first two he received during hysterical hair-cutting incidents in which he thought he was being attacked by the hair stylist. But, those 2 don't count as Momma and Daddy held those for him.

This particular lollipop is the most special because he got to hold it all on his own (only because I caught him eating one of his older brothers THAT HAD BEEN DROPPED ON THE FLOOR. CRAP.) because I could tell that he could enjoy it without choking.

 You must also please pardon me for all future pictures of Griffin. It's all I can do these days to keep up with him so you will see a plethora of dark, blurry, back of his head type pictures. :)

He ended up doing very well with it and has earned the right to have one again in the future. :)


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Kerry said...

Awww good boy Griffin!! Liam loves lollypops too :)
He is growing up too fast Hillary, tell him to stop it!

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