Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Eyesore From The Liberace House Of Crap

Do you remember this old "Friends" episode? 

(I seriously have no idea why I constantly have to blog about TV shows. Wait, I do know. I watch a lot of TV :)

So you know how I've been saying that Bobby and I are working on our kitchen? We decided to get a little cheap  economical and re-purpose the knobs and pulls that were already on all the drawers and doors on our cabinets. I had found a canister of silver spray paint in our garage (that had, ahem, been leftover from the gentleman who lived here previously).

Bobby was a total sweetheart and soaked all 900 of our nasty GOLD knobs in CLR for a while before scouring them with steel wool and then spraying them with said spray paint. 

I went outside when he was done to give them a look over. In the bright sunlight they looked a little dazzling to me. I figured that this was simply an effect of the sunlight shining down upon our refurbished knobs. 

These pictures don't do the knobs justice at all but my exact words to Bobby were,

"Is that glitter?"

Pretty much NOT the look I was going for in my kitchen. :) 

It's great incentive though to start saving up for new knobs! 


Nicole said...

They didn't look glittery to me, but I totally understand how unpredictable spray paint can be! I've had a few mishaps, myself!

Can't wait to see the pulls you end up choosing! :)

Kristy said...

Hahaha. Eventually we are updating our kitchen but at least our cabinets don't have knobs on them. Good luck on your search, those little boogers are expensive.

The Momma said...

Oh man!! That's hilarious!

I have redone the knobs in my bathroom....I think Rustoleum or some brand has a brushed nickel color...won't be quite so "shiny" or glittery...may want to look into that. since, as Kristy said, they can be so darn expensive. Some of them are $3-4 each!! Good luck!!!

Candance said...

Because I'm four or a stripper or something on the inside, if I had glitter knobs I'd be the happiest girl in the world. Maybe I'm just tacky.

See, now i bet you REALLY can't wait to come see the new house ;0)/

KERRY said...

Hehehe you're funny!

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