Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween (And A Classic Scary Story!)

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I thought I'd share one of the most classic scary stories that South Texas has to offer.

Haunted Railroad Crossing - Ghost Tracks

South San Antonio Ghost Tracks
The haunted railroad crossing lies on San Antonio's southeast side at the corner of Shane and Villamain just outside of Loop 410. Ghost hunters from all over come to San Antonio just to see the legendary haunted crossing. The ghost crossing is easy to find and if you get lost, just ask somebody on the southeast side of town. I'm sure they'll all know the location of the haunted railroad crossing, better known as the ghost tracks.

Ghost Tracks Story

In the 1940's, a bus load of school children were on their way home when the bus stalled on the tracks while going over the railroad crossing. A train speeding down the tracks crashed into the bus killing all the children and the driver. The streets in the neighborhood adjacent the haunted tracks bear the names of the children killed in the crash and during Halloween, cars line up for a creepy push over the ghost tracks.

Haunting of the Tracks

Ghosts of the children from the bus are said to remain at the tracks today, along with the ghost of the bus driver. It's said that if you stop you car just before the tracks and put your car in neutral, the ghosts will push you over the track, protecting you from any oncoming train even though there is an uphill grade before the tracks. Many people have sprinkled baby powder on their bumper. Following the push over the tracks, they inspect their car and claim to find children's hand prints in the baby powder. Other stories tell of moaning and crying in the afternoon at the ghost tracks around the time of the crash while many people claim to have their windows broken by the ghosts if they put their brakes on before reaching the track. These little ghosts aim to get your vehicle across this haunted crossing! I have done it myself and it really works. I parked my vehicle just shy of the tracks and my car moved across the tracks in broad daylight. There were times when it felt like the movement would stop but the car kept going and made it safely across the ghost tracks. Ghost children or not, the legend of this railroad crossing is true.


ginmommy said...

Happy Halloween to you too! Hope you have a fun night!

Kerry said...

Ooooh kinda creepy huh!!
Hope you had a great Halloween xo

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