Monday, October 8, 2012

My Super Reader!

Grady is my rock star reader! He has been doing a little bit of early practicing in preparation for Kindergarten next year. :) We wanted to give him a head start just in case reading might be a little difficult for him. Watch our video. I'm pretty sure that reading won't be a problem for this one!

Did I mention that he just turned 4 in May?? :)

I couldn't be more proud of this boy!


ginmommy said...


The Momma said...

AMAZING!!! He is perfect!!!

Tesha said...

Oh my goodness I have to admit I am green with a little mommy envy:) How in the world did you teach him that???? I am still working on those same words with my second grader uuugggg. Great job Hillary I think you have rocket scientist on your hands:)

Melanie Mueller said...

Way to go Grady!!!! Aunt Mel is so proud of you!!!

Kerry said...

Ahhhh I can't watch it because I live o/s :(
Anyway, good job Grady, you are making your mummy & daddy so proud!! Keep up the good work xo

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