Friday, September 28, 2012

My Baby's O-N-E!

Dear Griffin,

Happy 1st Birthday baby boy! Momma, Daddy, and your two older brothers love you soo much! You have added so much joy, love, hope, and delight to our lives. We simply can not imagine a world with out you in it.

As of 8:30 am this morning, you are officially O-N-E year old! From the very second you were born, I knew our lives were changed permanently and for the better. I will NEVER forget the moments after you were born. Daddy and the nurse brought you over to me. I was still on the OR table and couldn't really hold you. You were crying like crazy but the moment that Daddy lowered you down to me you stopped crying right away as soon as I started talking to you! My heart nearly burst with love and pride and about a hundred other wonderful emotions.





The first few months were a learning experience for both of us. We eventually got a great schedule going and you nestled right into our family and our lives just as if you had always been here.












You have been the most smiley, happiest, most content child ever! I thank God for you morning, noon, and night for the blessing he has given us in you.

We love you with all our hearts, all our souls, and all our beans!

Momma, Daddy, Graham, and Grady


ginmommy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Tesha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY pretty blue eyed boy! I love all the sweet pictures of your handsome little fellow :)

Michele said...

Happy Birthday!!! So cute,too!

Jamie said...

AWW..Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

Melanie Mueller said...

Happy, happy birthday sweet Griffin! You are such a blessing to us all!!
Love you so much my adorable nephew!

Candance said...

Happy, Happy birthday to your little dude. He is so freaking squishable!!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! He is PRECIOUS!!

Tristan said...

how in the world is he one already!?!?! ahhhhh..
he is adorable!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday, handsome fella!

M+W said...

Aww!!! Happy Belated Birthday Griffin!!

The Momma said...

SO SWEET!!! Happy birthday sweet boy!! I hope it was great!

Amy said...

I can't believe I forgot his b-day!!

Such a cute little pumpkin!!

Kacey said...

Happy first birthday Griffin!!! Love the photos! Hope he had a great birthday.

Kerry said...

Happy 1st birthday baby boy!! You could not be any more adorable, seriously I just want to kiss those cheeks of yours!! I have loved watching you grow, love from your friends in Australia xo

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