Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Weeks!

Today marks 30 weeks for me and I couldn't be happier! Well, I probably will be happier still when I hit 38 weeks... Right now though, I'm content and so is my OB. I had a checkup with her today and she said that everything still looks great! I hadn't really gained any weight (which rocks) but my blood pressure was elevated and I had protein in my urine :(. She said that she wasn't too worried about it though. She said to really up my water intake and that should help. I myself am not terribly worried about it. I was really stressed when I left the house this morning right before my checkup and I'll I'd had was a cup of coffee. I'm pretty sure that it was the combo of stress and not enough fluids that was the culprit and not preeclamsia.

The most exciting part of my visit today was that Graham was able to go with me! I'm pretty sure that I have said before but, he has been anxious lately with worry for his soon to be little brother. I hate that at the tender age of 9 he is sharing the fears and worries that I have :(. He is still asking if this baby will be going to Heaven like his little sister. I thought that it might make him feel better if I took him to the doctor with me today. I was almost 100% certain that there wouldn't be any scary findings that he would have to hear about so off we went!

While we were waiting Graham and I took silly pictures of each other. :)

Graham came prepared to the appointment and had a list of questions for Dr. W. this morning. They were :
  • How big is my brother?
  • How old is my baby brother?
  • What is my brother going to do when he is born?
  • Will he be ok?
She was so sweet and answered each one appropriately for a 9 year old. She really took her time with him and neither of us felt rushed. I love her and the fact that she is a mother to two young children herself (3 years and 1 year). Graham was able to hear the baby's heartbeat and watched as my belly was measured. He really seemed to enjoy being included in today's visit. I asked him as we walked out if he felt better now and he said that he did! It really made my heart feel soo much better. It's just so hard to worry about this new baby and my oldest baby at the same time. I would do anything for him to bring him comfort and happiness!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 30 wonderful weeks!

Size of Baby: Over 3 pounds by now! I go back for another growth scan in a week and a half and we'll know exactly by then.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: My weight surprisingly stayed the same!

Maternity Clothes: All the time. I still need to go out and find a couple of tops and shorts that are the next size up :(.

Gender: Still a little boy! On Monday's appointment (that I still need to blog about) they re-checked for my Momma and it's definitely still a little boy in there!

Movement: Getting strong and more consistent!

Sleep: I know that I'm going to jinx myself, but it hasn't been too bad lately! I'm really sleepy by the time that bedtime rolls around that I usually drift right off.

What I Miss: Maternity clothes that fit! Haha.

Cravings: Broccoli Salad. Thanks goodness my SIL Melanie is making some for a family gathering this weekend! (Mel make extra just for me K?) :)

Symptoms: A little bit of heartburn some evenings but nothing that a couple of Tums can't fix. Also, the swelling in my legs has started. Darn Texas heat!

Best Moment This Week: It's a tie. I loved that my Momma got to go to the doctor with me on Monday and that I was able to take Graham with me to the doctor today! This fleeting time of pregnancy is soo special and I love to share it with my closest family!


Kerry said...

Happy 30 weeks!! The countdown begins :)

Melanie Mueller said...

Yay for 30 weeks!! So glad Graham got some peace of mind and you two got to share that time.
Btw, I will put some extra love in the broccoli salad for you and make you some to take! =)

The Anglin Family said...

Yay..30 weeks! Can't believe it's flying by..;) Seems like I just started reading and you announced baby on the way..;)
So happy he's doing so well. That's sweet Graham went with you and. My kids are beginning to think all babies die. Cam came home the other day and said Aiden's baby sister didn't die and I felt so bad:( You are giving me hope though that I can do this again..I hope it's soon. (wink)

Cant wait to see your lil guy happy and healthy! XOXOXO

Brittany said...

the big 3-0!! yeah!! :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Whoaa!! 30 Weeks!! Time is flying!! That was so neat that you were able to take Graham with you and he was able to be reassured by the doctor. I bet he is feeling so so much better knowing that his little brother is doing so good! Good luck finding maternity clothing!! I hope you have better luck than me!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Soooo exciting :0)

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