Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Day In Pictures

This is how I started out my day. Yummy, a glucose test drink! At least this time it was the Fruit Punch flavor. I wonder why they can't make these thing carbonated. They would taste soo much better!!

Then I got poked in the arm for the blood draw. FIVE vials were drawn for ONE gestational diabetes test. Hmmm...

Had small panic attack on the way home from the doctor and began wondering if this was the pregnancy that I wouldn't pass the glucose test. I stopped at the grocery store and bought this to eat before I get the results back. You know, just in case I can't eat anything sweet for a while. (I might have had another panic attack when I got home and have eaten a piece while the pie was still frozen. It was gross.)

I went by the our church when I knew that Vacation Bible School was almost over to get a couple of pictures of the boys. They were having such a great time!

Poor Grady. At the end of VBS today he had just had enough! I took him home early and put him straight to bed. He was just a mess he was so tired!

After the gross frozen pie incident from earlier I was still having the urge for chocolate. I had just gotten done reading a recipe for a Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake that Jayme posted today. It was really really good!

My sweet hubby had a really bad day at work (one of those kinds of days where you should have just stayed in bed...) so I made him his favorite dinner to cheer him up (along with the cake). You can find this yummy recipe here.
Hope that everyone else had a great day!!


ccc said...

Ha ha--had to laugh about getting in one last treat in case the blood results were not in your favor! I love your attitude! Honestly, I never had GD during pregnancy, and I really do not know how I would survive if I had. I sure hope you pass the test!

The Anglin Family said...

LOL...maybe you should thaw the pie out and give it to the boys:)
The cake looks yummy! I've been wanting something sweet all day and resisting the urge. I have got to get skinny...
Anyhow, I hope you pass the test!!

Jayme said...

Yay you made my cake! I'm glad you liked it :)
What did you end up frosting it with?

Brittany said...

YUMMY!!! :) I hope you pass your test:) Good luck!

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