Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who Ya' Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!!

Ok, so maybe I'm not quite ready to call these guys, but there is definitely something weird going on in my house. Weird enough that made me actually want to blog about it to what other people thought about the "situation" in my house right now.

We first started noticing something weird going on in Grady's room around the time that I started my bed rest in May. We had decided to move our kitchen step ladder into Grady's room so that he could climb in to his own crib without me lifting him in anymore. One morning Grady got out of bed all by himself and came downstairs. I though to myself "how is he doing that?". When I went up to inspect I noticed that the side rail was down on his crib. (Grady is usually very very scared of heights and will NEVER climb out of his own crib). I questioned Bobby later that day as he had been the one to tuck him in bed that night and he said that he had probably forgotten to raise the rail before leaving the room. I have found the rail down many times when I went in to get Grady up (including this very morning which prompted me to write this post!).

Here is Grady's crib set-up right now. When we leave the ladder in his room this is where we leave it and when we come back in we find it moved from the left FRONT of the front of the crib all the way to the right enclosed SIDE of his crib. The side rail is of course in the down position here but we always leave it in the up position when he's in it sleeping.

 A couple of weeks later I noticed that the step ladder was being moved around the one of ends of the crib. At first I thought that it was Grady that was moving it around by reaching over the crib rail. The only thing is that the step ladder is made out of metal and is pretty heavy. Also, the rail comes up to Grady's arm pit. I'm not sure that he would even have the leverage to pull up a 20-25 pound ladder and move it around from one side of the crib to one end of the crib. Grady, being only a new 3 year old, doesn't have the speech skills required to tell us anything other than he wants the ladder moved out of his room at night and he wants it all the way out in the hallway. It scares the heck out of me to think that it's somehow moving around in there at night or nap time and it scares him too!

The couple of things that I've mentioned only happen maybe once a week but since May that's been a lot of weeks! I'm thinking that maybe I should set back up his baby video monitor. The only thing there is that I probably won't be sitting around all night (or even during a 3 hour nap time) to watch every second of it to see what happens.

I need some help thinking about this situation more analytically and less scary. Are you superstitious? What would you do? Do you believe in this kind of stuff?


ccc said...

I really don't know what to think! What about your older son? Is he moving it? Or did Grady move the ladder after he got out of the crib that maybe your husband did forget to put back up? Or, can Grady put down the crib rail himself? Three yr olds can sometimes do these things. Have you asked him if he can do it?
I hope you find your answer soon.

The Anglin Family said...

I don't really know. Move it far away from the bed and see if it still moves. I would think it would be hard to pull down the rails, but Cade did it at two, so we had to put him in toddler bed.
We lived in a house while I was pregnant with Camden that was weird. Weird noises, toys went off by themselves, things moved. And there were creepy circumstances that happened in that house. I don't really know what I think...:)

Kerry said...

My 11 yr old daughter would have you believe it's the spirit world lol, I would tell you that you need more coffee!! No I'm not superstitious, can you tell? :)
Let me know your findings!!

Wendy said...

I think Graham is just messing with y'all. He probably thinks it's funny that you & Grady are scared. :D

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