Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I don't want to harp too long on this subject and foul my family blog with what is going on in current events right now. I'm sure everyone is totally aware of what has transpired in the Florida court system this afternoon. All I can say is I am beyond DISGUSTED.

That foul "mother" and her family have only succeeded in making me want to hold my boys tighter, read to them longer, spend even more time with them, kissing and hugging them every second that they will let me, and truely love them to the end of time and then back again. If nothing else has come from the tragedy of an innocent little girl loosing her life, it has made me want to be an even better mother than I thought possible. I'm hoping every other mother in America feels the same way so that she didn't loose her life in vain.

If you have a second go and check out The Heir to Blair. She really said it best.


Raquel said...

Totally agree with you. It made me sick!

The Anglin Family said...

Hey Hillary...

I have gotten some rude messgages on FB bc of how I feel about it..
I guess I am OK with the verdict..because there wouldnt be justice for Caylee either way and the prosecutions evidence really was whack. We all know Casey was responsible for Caylee's death but we cant prove exactly how. I have followed this case since 2008 and have spent lots of time in following. The prosecution presented "untrue" evidence and everyone in America is running on emotions wanting to sentence Casey to death. I just believe God will deal with her. Jeff Ashton was a cocky prosecutor and I think he may have swayed the jury to the other side. Either way, its done and I am praying for Casey and I pray she never gets peace for what she has done, however, I hope the public just leaves her alone. Its sad and awful what happened to Caylee and it hurts my heart.
Anyhow, I was going to blog about this today but decided not to LOL:)
Big hugs! Happy Tuesday!! :))

ccc said...

Such a sad case.

The Mama said...

Hey Hillary!

Stopping over from Jenna's commenting challenge.

I totally agree with you on the verdict. I understand that she will be truly judged when she meets her maker, but still, makes me sick and just so sad.

Your blog is so cute, I'm looking forward to following it!

Kerry said...

Well said!! The biggest task I want to proudly achieve in my life is to be the best mum to my kids as I possibly can...too many children, sadly, don't have someone who can say that.

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