Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prayers for Baby Acorn

Some time ago I did a post for a fellow Baby Loss Momma, Emily (and you can read, or re-read that here). As a quick recap, she lost her first child, Aidan, at around 23 weeks. She went on to get pregnant again (yippee!) but soon started having problems all over again. This brave and wonderful woman has gone an astounding 15 weeks with ruptured membrane and no infection is now giving birth to her next child! I'm guessing that he or she will be here sometime today!

Emily is only 32 weeks (which still rocks!) but is still of course nervous as to the outcome of Baby "Acorn". I'm praying to God this morning that while he or she  may be born small they will hopefully be incredibly healthy! Emily deserves this baby soo much after all that she has been through with his/her brother and then during her long and stressful pregnancy.

Please stop by and leave Emily some love and words of encouragement as she gets through this last hurdle to becoming a Momma to angel here on Earth!!


The Anglin Family said...

I've been praying for her already!! That baby is a fighter to hang on that long and I know what its like to want to do anything to save your child, but she rocks for even making it through this. I might've had a nervous breakdown...

Brittany said...

Praying for your friend. I had a very close friend of mine lose a baby at 23 weeks, sweet Cambell, and despite complications her miracle baby boy came one year later. I will definitely say a prayer for a healthy baby Acorn!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate them and they always bring a smile to my face:) Brothers are a sweet bond, can't wait for your littlest one to join your family. Praying for you too.

Tristan said...

praying for your friend!

and yes..ahh..she is getting more hair, yay, And, grady is so cute with that comment..ahaha

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I will definitely have Emily and Baby Acorn in my prayers!

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