Monday, July 11, 2011

Begining Of The Week Randomness

Ugh, I have soo much to blog about and I just either haven't had the time to sit down to do it or I've been too tired to sit and form complete thoughts :). The 3rd Trimester tiredness has all of a sudden kicked in. So, once again, I'm turning to my favorite thing in the world right now...bullet form!

  • I adore bullets. It allows me to have to avoid the aforementioned inability to form complete thoughts. I'm all about doing anything the easy way these days!

  • I can tell that either the baby is getting much larger or I am gaining weight at a crazzzy rate (probably the later) and now I can't hardly fit into any of my maternity clothes. Crap, crap, double crap. Tops and bottoms, they are all too tight. Being a stay at home mom, I don't really need all that much to get by, but Ya'll, I'm down to like maybe 1 pair of shorts and 2 shirts. I hate the thought of buying anything more as this is the last baby and watch me go into labor the week after I spend good money. Crap.again.

  • A waitress offered me Wine at Olive Garden this past weekend. I was all "Whaaaa?". I'm guessing that when I sit I just look hefty and not prego??

  • I got myself into a big flower kick this past weekend and did my nails in flowers and then bought some for my table too!

  • The boys and I watched the last space shuttle take off the other day. I love it that not only do we get the NASA channel but that both of my boys really enjoyed watching and listening as it took off!

Are my kiddos the only random ones that like to lounge around in laundry baskets to watch tv?? :) Please pardon Grady on the potty. That is a whole other post I have in my head...

  •  Graham finished up swimming lessons on Friday night. We adore the place that he goes to. Graham gets to learn from the daughter and granddaughter of the the sweet lady who taught Bobby. Graham already knows how to swim but I like that he gets to strengthen his strokes and learn more about water safety in general.

I forgot to pack my camera on the last night so all I had was my phone to take pictures. Yikes! This is the best swimming one I got... :(

Graham was so proud to receive this years achievement certificate!

  • Today both boys got to start Vacation Bible School. Our church does such a good job getting all the kids closer to the Lord! They had a blast today! I'm sure I'll have another post coming up later this week with more pictures.

I tried to get the boys picture together for about 20 minutes this morning. I finally gave up. Sadly (or funnily, however you like to look at it) this was the best! :) Grady was in full-on Monster Mode this morning.


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I know how you feel about your clothing :( I can't find any slacks for work!! Let me know how the nail polish strips are. I've been debating on whether I should try them. Ha!! When I saw Grady I did a double take I was like "Is that a potty" They are too darn cute!! Our VBS at our church just ended :( I wish I could have volunteered but with work I just couldn't :( I hope your little guys have a great time!!

The Anglin Family said...

Yay for flower nails. I love those things!:)
Grady on the potty=ha larious. I remember those days. Maybe you should get one more pair of shorts...:)
I love the last picture of the boys. Trust me, I forgot how good and sweet mine were yesterday. Today has been rough LOL!:

Jayme said...

I was the same way (in regards to maternity clothes) at the end of my last pregnancy- I never did cave and buy more, just wore the same couple things each day LOL

The Mama said...

Oh man I remember that with my final pregnancy. It's so hard! Maybe since the clothing is about to change out for the seasons, you can find a pair of shorts and maybe a top or 2 on clearance, at Target or something?

Love that last picture of your boys. So real life!!!

Amy said...

Did Graham go to the school out by Bracken? My sister and I went there when we stayed with my aunt down the road from there.
Can you get a few maternity items from a resale shop?

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