Sunday, May 13, 2012

And I'm Back... :)

With our Brand New Computer! Funnily enough it's different than our last one. We had gotten our new one right before Griffin was born (I think back in August) but already Best Buy wasn't even carrying that brand anymore. So now we have a comparable one. The price was exactly the same but different brand, bigger screen, and a faster whatever it is that makes newer computers better than older ones. (I'm a total techie can you tell? :) It's amazing how much can change in the computer world in just a couple of month. But, I'm so glad for it!! Wasn't I just wishing yesterday for something new and exciting? I can't believe that it's sitting on my kitchen table right now!

I'm thinking that I should probably do a random bullet post to get all caught up. It may or may not have pictures to go with it. I'm pretty tired right now. We'll just see how all this goes shall we?

  • I finally started to diet. Diet as in DIEt. I think that I'm going to die. No, really. I may. It seems so easy for others. They just have self control that I don't I guess. I am one of those people who eat for many many reason. When things taste really good I eat, when I'm happy I eat, when I'm sad I eat, when I'm get the picture. It's only been a little over a week and already I'm praying to God to give me strength to continue. Sweet Bobby is doing it with me though. When we eat our Lean Cuisine's for dinner together I thank him and say "you just bought another 30 minutes of life with me for making such a healthy choice". I should remember that same sentiment.

  • I missed everyone so very much while I was gone! I had my MIL's laptop here and there briefly and I tried to jump around when and where I could to see how everyone was doing. Thanks so much for the sweet words for ya'll about being missed. It warmed my starving heart! :)

  • Grady's 4th Birthday is coming up soon!We are having his party at a transportation museum here in town. He is sooo all about trains right now its crazy. He is almost to the "I can't wait another second until my birthday party" point. I can't either. I have found some super cute invites and party favors! The colors are aqua, orange and brown. It should be really fun!

  • I can't remember if I said this on here yet or maybe it was just on Facebook, but I had found a really really (like 10 years old) old cashiers check in a file folder that I was cleaning out. Ya'll it was for $500! I drove my happy butt straight to the bank to try and figure out how to get the unused funds back. After much searching (the bank couldn't help me because they hand the funds over to the state after 3 years) online, and many phone calls and emails I was able to find the funds! I had to go all the way to the State of Alabama's treasury department but I got them! Well not "got them" yet, technically  it's a 6-8 week wait to have the funds mailed back to me. We might end up with a really fun late summer vacay if my hubby doesn't steal it to work on his truck. :)

  • Griffin hasn't changed much in the past couple of weeks. I really need to do a complete 7 month post on him soon. He is still eating off a spoon like a trooper, waking up at least once a night for a lost paci replacement, and trying soo hard to sit up but is still a little on the tipsy side. His crazy cute smiles and giggles make my heart flip every.single.time. 

  • I just heard on Facebook that Jennifer over at Maybe If You Just relax lost her little girl this morning. I'm so heartbroken for her right now. :(. How the hell do you loose your one year old on mother's day and ever recover from that? Sweet Ainsley was born prematurely when her twin sister passed in utero . She fought bravely spending almost an entire year in the NICU before being transferred to the PICU. Sweet girl. My prayers are with her and her family today. Go over and leave her some words of comfort if you have a second.

  • I'll be back later today with a proper Mother's Day post! 


Kristy said...

Glad your back. Hope you enjoy your day!

Tesha said...

Hi I am so glad you are back! I hope your Mother's Day is truly blessed! Awesome work on the diet, It will get easier when you see results :) My husband can eat anything and not gain a pound and if I look at a piece of cake I gain 2.What a blessing to find that money the perfect amount for that new camera you wanted :) How sad about Jenifer I have not met her but that just breaks my heart I can not imagine. I will stop by and say a prayer for her. I am so happy your back in blogging business :)

ccc said...

Hi Hillary! glad you're back on and got a new laptop! WOW! on finding the check--how great is that? I hear you on the weight loss issue. Why is it so darn hard??!! I should look you up on FB

Tristan said...

your back..yayayayayayayay!!!!

i am so sick to hear about that sweet baby's family..i'll be praying for them!!!

The Anglin Family said...

I love you and am glad you're back, ha!!!
I'm on the dieting train too! You NEED an iPhone so we can be my fitness pal friends, lol!!!;)) I need to see griffin!!

Candance said...

Thank God you're back. Your absence has been upsetting me. I need to diet, too. Since the wedding, I've been a little crazy eating what I want without freaking out about whether or not a dress will zip. I just saw my Zumba and thought I should do it when I get home from work. Especially since I just ate banana pudding for breakfast. I ate it straight from the pan. I should be ashamed of that, but I'm not. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!! YAY for the new computer and finding the money order!! YAY for being back!!

The Momma said...

Girlfriend I have missed you!!!! So glad you are back and I can't wait for a huge post of pictures from you!!!!! Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!

Dandelion Breeze said...

Missed you... so glad to hear your voice again :) Great that you've got a new computer... and YAY for finding an old cheque :) Diets are a nightmare... but I guess they're worth it in the end. Love to you always xoxo

KERRY said...

Welcome back!!! Oh it is about time too lol I have missed you and your posts :)
Great catch up post, good to know all is well.
Except I was very sorry to read about the loss of that little baby, oh how devastatingly sad :(
Good luck with your DIEt hehe, it is so hard so I do seriously mean it, good luck!
You're beautiful anyway xo

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