Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Finds!

I had to share with you all some of the darling things that I've found lately!

I'm quite sure now that Paypal and Etsy just looooves me but Bobby and our bank account does not. :). Ha!  It actually was not that bad at all! I found some seriously cute stuff for not a lot (and a couple of things were FREE!!).

This sweet little canvas sign I found on Mother's Day at a local store called Bless Your Heart. It was a Mother's Day gift to myself :). Oh how I wish I had the talent to paint this well! It's now hanging by my front door so it's one of the first things you see when you walk in our home. 

Don't you just lovvvve this Erin Condren notepad? I had received a Tiny Prints email for a $20 off anything coupon and I picked these notepads. They are surprisingly roomy (like maybe 5" x x10") and it was a set of two. Basically I paid for the shipping and that was all! I sometimes can not believe my good fortune!

This was my next find! I found this on a fun Etsy site. This tiny wallet/business card holder was only $6.00!! Come one! Lime green canvas with a chevron print for only 6 bucks? SOLD. I think this will be awesome this summer to toss into the diaper bag with a credit card, drivers license, and maybe a spare key. 

See how cute the inside of the tiny wallet is! See what I also found to go inside ? :) Once again, thanks to Tiny Prints I received another $20 off coupon towards anything. Once again, I only had to pay shipping. 

{This is not a promotion for Tiny Prints, I just order from them A LOT and then fill out survey's when they ask me to and I am rewarded richly :) }

I adore my Momma calling cards! I can pass them out my number now and look classy and put together. I love to fool other moms when I can about my true nature :). No more writing on the backs of Walmart receipts for me! 

This is the shirt that Grady will be wearing to his Train Birthday Party in a couple of weeks! I figure that I only have maybe one more year left of him wearing these sweet kinds of t-shirts before he's too old for baby stuff.  I just love the crazy cute things I find off Etsy!

Yet another Etsy find! They are 5X7 muslin favor bags that I'll be using for goody bags at Grady's party. The bag is so awesome that I'm counting it as one of the favors. I know that Grady will re-use his to fill with other "treasures" when he gets home so I figure that other kids will also!

Have you found anything fun recently?


Beth Ann said...

LOVE those favor bags and I LOVE that little Chevron wallet. Please share which shop that came from! :)

Tesha said...

These are GREAT finds. The sign is really nice I love the color, our house is super colorful:)I love tiny prints also!!! We get good coupons but I usually forget to use them uuggg. How fun to have a mama calling card, that is a fabulous idea! Grady's birthday will be So cute with the train theme. I remember when my boys started say I am to big for that mom, ohhhh sad day.

Candance said...

Love the wallet and those goody bags! Of course, my fave Etsy shop is the shop belonging to my friends Rosa and Erin, Not just because they are my friends or because they made my wedding so dang cute but also because they make good stuff.

Oh, the mommy calling cards are kind of brilliant. I wonder if I can make don't call me cards to give to the moms I don't really ever want to have to hold another conversation with? Is that mean?

KERRY said...

I love that canvas!! So cute :)
And the wallet and stationary are so adorable, Bobby needs to understand the need to have such a cute notepad ;)

Elizabeth said...

cute stuff!!! Sometimes I think I could build a home addition with all of my cardboard boxes from zulily...I also treated myself to some memorial jewelry from etsy.

The Anglin Family said...

PayPal LOVES me. Im sure of it. SO much that Scotty texted me and told me to break up with PayPal for awhile. People on Twiiter are always selling stuff and I cant stop! Ha!!

Tristan said...

such cute finds!! oh my taylor-austyn loves choo choos..wish we could come!!

Kacey said...

I love the writing pad. You don't see a lot of personalized writing pads and stationary anymore so that's a great find!

Dandelion Breeze said...

Looove all your finds :)) Great ideas xoxo

ccc said...

really love the lime wallet and "business" cards!

Jayme said...

LOVE the sign and the business card wallet! So cute!! I need something for my cards for BlogHer :)

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