Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mission Organization: The Hall Closet

We were soo incredibly blessed when we moved into our new home and it had a HUGE hall closet! We hadn't really had anything like that in any previous house before. The space was a giant plus to us! When we moved I was around 10 or 11 weeks pregnant with Caroline and not doing a ton of heavy lifting, moving, or unpacking for that matter. Bobby and I took full advantage of all that awesome free space and just shoved, stacked, and piled anything and everything in there.

We have lived in this house almost 2 years now and I'm finally not pregnant so there is simply no reason that our bad a** closet needs to go to such waste anymore.

This past Sunday, I put my foot down (to no one in particular :) and said enough is enough. 

This is the view of everything somethings as seen from the dining room.

And here is the bulk of it that trailed endlessly down our hallway. It still boggles my mind that I pulled all of this stuff out of one closet!! 

We had such a mish mash of junk! Some necessities and some home decor things all mixed in there together. I was beginning to not be able to find anything that I really needed anymore!

And here is the closet finally all emptied out. I swear it took me over an hour just to remove things!

At the end of the closet it makes a right hand turn and there is even more space! Bless the previous homeowner who added all the built in shelving. What a blessing!!

The little space is actually big enough that Grady could stand up in there! Now that he knows this I bet you I will find him in there all.the.time.

My handsome hubby was beyond thrilled to be put to work because of my whim. 

There was already some things in there to hang stuff on but oddly enough, because of their design, they were not very functional (or pretty). I can now actually hang stuff and not have things falling off! 

The finished product! (I forgot to take before pictures :/ ) I can actually walk in my own closet now!! That was totally not an option before. Seriously ya'll I could walk in maybe 4 inches or so.

Yay for pretty hooks to hold my things up with!!

All of my grocery store bags now have a place to hang too! Now if only I can remember to take them with me when I go...

I can actually "shop" my own closet now!! This was one of my main goals. I still have boxes and boxes (up in the attic and in the garage) of home decor. Once I get it all unloaded and up on these shelves I'll be able to re-decorate my home with out spending a cent!

I can not begin to tell you what a relief it was to get all this mess sorted out, organized, thrown away, and donated. It has spurred me on to clear out more stuff that's lingering around our house and complicating our lives! 

Do you do any kind of spring cleaning? Do you have any organizational tips for me to use in the future?


Melanie Mueller said...

Looks great!! Hey- I have a few closets that could use your help whenever you are in the mood again! ;)
Love ya!!

Tristan said...


Tesha said...

Oh WOW Hillary Good Job it looks Awesome!!!! Yep I have to say, that is one incredible closet. How unfair our house has only has 3 teeny tiny clothes, it is crazy. I guess the price we pay to live in southern CA. I love the idea of hanging the bags! We have to use bags or they charge us for shopping bags. Yep another price we pay. Thank godless the weather is really nice :) Well you did a Wonderful job! I have to say I feel better mentally when things are clean. Hey maybe that is why I am a mess right now LOL. Seriously we cleaned out our back house and the stuff is still siting in the backyard three weeks later. We look like the Beverly Hills hillbillies. Ok this comment is ridiculously long....can you tell I am lonely. Keep up the good work and take pictures! It is inspiring :)

Elizabeth said...

ooh, it looks great! Drooling over here with closet envy ;)

Candance said...

OMG, I want that closet. Not so much to store stuff in, although I am seriously jealous of that space. I want to hide in it. I would hide from my family in it all the time. I'm not gonna lie, probably with booze.

Beth Ann said...

Great job, looks awesome! Doesn't organization just free up your mind?!

Kacey said...

That's a massive closet! Great job on spring cleaning. We need to go through our spare bed room and get rid of all the old junk. I think you've inspired me!

KERRY said...

Great work Hillary (or Bobby?)
Looks good in there now and practical. I wish I had a storage cupboard like that. I am pretty sure I would take a little vacation in there some days ;)
That is funny that you can now shop at home for home decor hahaha and holy moly look at the stuff that came out of there!!
Good to see we are not the only family with 'stuff' :)

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