Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Husbands Secret Obsession :)

(dum...dum...dum... imagine that like scary music in your head)

Ok so it's really not as bad as I make it sound. It's really probably not even an obsession. I think the term obsession implies that someone does whatever crazy thing they do on purpose. My hubby does something crazy but from my thinking has no idea that he's doing it.

Here it is...

This is his hat "collection". By my count there were THIRTY EIGHT ball caps on his "ball cap shelf". There are still more scattered hither and yon in this house. 

What the heck!! 

When I showed these to my darling hubby and asked him to weed some out he explained that 4 belonged to Graham and 3 belonged to Grady. You know, because that makes all this mess that much better for me to have to deal with :). 

I sat next to him when the pruning was taking place and realized that this reminds me of the problem that Monica on Friends has with her bathroom hand towels (ie- multiple categories :). (I tried to find that episode on youtube for ya'll to watch because it is seriously funny but I couldn't find it :( )

Bobby's hat categories break down into :
  • yard work hats
  • nice "going out" hats
  • hats for driving home from work in
  • hats for specific sporting events
  • hats so smelly and disgusting but so loved that they must stay
  • hats that were given to him and free by work vendors and so they must be saved to use for later (see yard work hats)
Bless my hubby's sweet heart for he was finally able to get rid of about a 1/3 of them.


The rest went right back up onto the shelf in which they has previously came down from. 

What a wife to do! :)

Does your hubby collect anything awful?


Kristy said...

Haha, that's really funny. Jonathan loves watches and has at least 8 or 9. He's always looking for a certain one to wear with a certain outfit (almost like a girl)! I love him anyways :)

Tesha said...

LOL to funny! My husband has a surfboard collection and they take up A LOT of space uuuugggg ;/

Kacey said...

BJ collects stubby coolers (go around your beer can or bottle, keeping your hand warm but your drink cool) and they are taking up space in my kitchen! I've tried to get rid of a few of them but he has very similar categories to Bobby's hats and won't let any of them go!!!

Tristan said...

Take a deep breath......
No lie.
totes,plastic bed in the bag full,hat rack,on deer antlers..it's a mess.
a mess.
most are contained in the closet..thank goodness!

Candance said...

He collects skulls and zombies because he may be a serial killer.

Also, does that one hat say Grandpa on it?

KERRY said...

Bobby (I know you read this blog) you have hats to drive home in? That has a whole different catergory?
Lol if you ever want a hat from over here sent to you for your collection, let me know what you'd like :) Seeing as Hillary just made you get rid of 1/3 of them ;)

bobmule said...

Candance, that would be one my dad left at our house that some how got mixed with mine!

Kerry, I would love a hat from Australia!

DandelionBreeze said...

Wow... What a collection !! Those are some great hats :)) My husband just collects anything related to golf :) Sorry that I'm so far behind on your news... thinking of you always my dear friend xoxo

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