Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Come From Interesting Stock

So for a while now I have been meaning to scan and save some priceless family pictures. I finally got around to doing that this morning! I panic now because we have all of these wonderfully old family pictures that we've gratefully inherited but live in a terribly digital age. I really feel pressed to spend the better part of a day week and scan every last one of them. So far I have managed to do FOUR. Hmm. This may take longer than I anticipated....

I wanted to share these first four with you all. They are each so incredibly special to me!

The first one is of my Grandma Winnie. She was really really old by the time that I was born (my Daddy was already 52 when he had me). I never really felt like I had much of a chance to get to know her all that well before she passed. I do have some beautiful pictures of her though!

I love this picture of her from probably the 60's or 70's. I know for sure that it was taken in Dallas. Now that I say where the picture was taken can you see why her face is showing pure joy :). Snow in Texas is a luxury ya'll! I love her timeless coat with the wonderful giant buttons and the fur hat is just to die for!

Speaking of my Daddy, here he is as a little boy with his Daddy. Do you just love that hair! I can not for the life of me imagine why my Grandma would have let him get his picture taken like that with his hair standing up! Surely back then every picture was priceless right? Wouldn't you have made sure that everything was just so knowing that you couldn't  take a million pictures and then delete most like we do today? Maybe my Grandma did though. Notice how cleanly swept the front porch is, the rocking chair with the carefully placed hat on it, the creased pants and tucked in shirts? What were they doing that day? Had my Daddy been outside playing and run over for a quick picture?

I also really like this picture because you can clearly see my Grandfathers hands. They are exactly like my Daddy's. I LOVE that.  I never got the chance to meet my Grandfather and I still have so many questions. My Daddy passed away three and a half years ago so those questions will continue to go unanswered. :(.

This next picture is one from my Momma's side of the family. It's my Great Uncle George (My mom's dad's brother). I nearly choked from laughing when I saw it :). It pretty much sums up how hilariously crazy that side of my family was is

Please don't be scared. :) Notice that there are two ropes... One for the fake hanging and one likely tied to a belt loop or some such thing...

 It's also hard to tell because the picture got wet and really damaged, but can you see what's in his right (our left) hand? Yup. That's a bottle of booze. I'm sure he and who ever his drinking buddies were that day were using that bottle for more than just a prop. :) Ya'll, that takes some serious talent to drink that much in the middle of the day to come up with a prank like this and then take a picture of it....  This side of the family is still filled with crazy funny people just like this!

The last picture is from my hubby's side of the family. It is one of my absolute favorites! It sits framed in our family room so I can look at it all I want. :)

Is this just me or does this fellow look just like Bobby?? When this picture was discovered by Bobby's cousin Wendy a couple of years ago we all just marveled at how much the two look alike! To my reckoning, this gentleman was Bobby's Great Great grandpa Burkett. Those are some strong genes!

 Griffin is named for him :).

He was a seriously interesting man. At one time he was a taxidermist and a Sheriff! 

I can't wait to keep going through the rest of my pictures and see what other treasures I can discover!


Beth Ann said...

What special pictures. I love how pictures like these each tell a story. Thanks for sharing!

ccc said...

I like looking at old photos! And, yes that does look like your husband!
Very interesting that your dad was 52 when he had you--I like that, as you know my husband and I are of advanced age and trying--lol

The Anglin Family said...

I love love looking at my family's old pics..makes you appreciate your legacy!! Those are great pics!:-)
And sheesh, that man looks just like Bobby!!!

Tesha said...

Love the sweet family photos :)

Tristan said...

wowzers! love that picture of your grandma..adorable..and that man does look just like your!!

VivalaVida said...

I love old pictures like that! I just love your grandmother's name!

That definitely looks like your husband!! It looks like they can be twins!!

KERRY said...

I absolutely thought that was Bobby and I don't know why when it is clearly an old picture! The gene pool is strong on that side for sure!!

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