Monday, June 11, 2012

Only Grady... (Alternately Titled "A Panicked Text From This Weekend")

A quick back story... Grady had a birthday party to go to this weekend. One of his little friends from his preschool had invited him and I pretty much didn't know the family at all. They were very sweet and showed up at Grady's birthday party the week before so I really felt that we should return the favor. We showed up at the house and ZOMG... it was INSANELY nice. Like 3/4 of a million dollars nice. You can well imagine what the inside looked like...

Me: Omg. Grady just scratched a bite on his leg and BLED all over these people's really nice carpet at this bday we're at! Should I try and use a Shout wipe that I have with me or try and offer to get their carpets cleaned??

Melanie: Try the wipe first! Poor girl!

Me : Soooo embarrassed. The mom already pulled out her carpet cleaner. Grrr. Of course we're in one of these insanely nice Rockwall houses.

Melanie: Oh... You poor thing. Just help her and I will cross my fingers. 

Ya'll, I felt terrible! The kids mom was like 20 plus weeks pregnant and already had enough stuff going on at this party and then Grady tracks his bloody leg all over her house. I felt like we needed a Hazmat cleaning team in there. :/ All I could think of was BLOOD BORN PATHOGENS and KISS THE NEW FRIENDS GOODBYE!. 

She was pretty nice about it and I camped out next to the bloody spots while the carpet cleaner sat and did it's thing. The spots did come out thankyouGod. Thank goodness the rest of the party was uneventful for Grady :).


The Momma said...

OMG! You poor thing!!! That is absolutely something that would happen to my kiddoes!!!

Glad the spots came out and it was an uneventful rest of the party!

Elizabeth said...

that is definitely something that would happen to me...sounds like you handled it well :)

Tristan said...

Oh no..shew..glad they came out..omg.
of course she had a carpet!

KERRY said...

Hehehehehe uh oh ;)
So when is your next visit?

ginmommy said...

You poor thing! I would have felt terrible too, but hey, stuff like that happens, you know?

The Anglin Family said...

LOL:-) sounds like something that would happen to me! Boys will be boys though, as cliche as that sounds!:-)
Glad it came out, I'd prob have been dying inside lol!

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