Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies

 But not the human kind and certainly not from me (just in case anyone is reading the title and gasping :).

It's baby fawn season here around home.

That little baby probably belongs to one of these Momma's. Can you see another doe across the street in our neighbors yard? They are everywhere! No Joke! We have so many in fact that we have a deer path that cuts  across our front yard in the grass.

All of us just stare out our front windows half the day to watch these little cuties hang around. :)

For as fun as this time of year is I have to say, it's not quite as fun in the Fall. The bucks get the antlers in and quite often I'm scared to go and check my own mail for just in case. :) (in all seriousness, even Bobby said that I should probably just check the mail from my car when we are leaving to go somewhere as apposed to just walking out and getting it...)

Does anyone else have any interesting wildlife around their home?


ginmommy said...

Oh no, nothing interesting here! My kids would DIE if they saw something like that. Very neat!

Tristan said...

haha.oh gosh. we are in the middle of no name it, we have probably seen it.

we had a baby racoon over our kennel last week..had to "take care of it" ugh..nasty little things!! We dont mind them but they get in feed and make the other animals they must be gone!!

Ali G. said...

Wow! So cool! Nothing like that at my house!

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