Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grady Is A Pre-School Graduate!

Grady recently finished up his last day of Pre-School and had his Pre-School graduation! Not only did he have a blast all year long but he learned soo much too! I know that he will confidently go off to Kindergarten knowing all that he should. 

My big kid on his very last day. Gosh he's so handsome!

When we got up to the church they had all of the graduated chairs ready to go. 

They also had snacks and treats for all the families! YUMMY! The graduating 4 and 5 year olds were broken into 2 classrooms. Grady was in the Ladybug room and the other was the butterflys.

These cupcakes tasted as good as they looked!

While we waited for the graduation to begin they had a slideshow featuring many pictures of each kiddo. It was soo fun to see them doing different activities throughout the year!

Grady was soo ready to graduate!

The Pre-schoolers did a small program for the parents with songs that they learned through the year. This song was "God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man". The kids LOVED this song and they got to put their hands out and say BOO a lot. There might have also been some shouting and a ton of giggling. :)

While waiting to receive their diploma's each child got to speak into the microphone and say what they wanted to be when they grew up. Grady said that he wanted to be a policeman. Grady's teacher Ms. Robin might have been praying for him when he said that... :)

At the end of the ceremony the kids got to throw up their caps just like real graduates!

Congratulations Grady Tucker! 

Grady's great-grandmother, Nana, was able to come! 

Our perfectly posed family.... 

Grady with his Omi and Opi!

Grady and his beloved Ms. Robin. She had so much patience and love for this child all year long...

This is Grady and some of his friends, Olivia and Elizabeth. Just look at that smile on his face and tell me I'm not in trouble in about 10 years. Oh Lawd, I think we have ourselves a ladies man :). 


Tristan said...

how cute is he!!!

Melanie Mueller said...

Yes! He is SOOOO handsome!! He looks adorable and so big in these pictures!
Congrats Grady!!!

Kerry said...

Yay Grady!! Good on him for finishing preschool, I hope he has a wonderful year in Kindergarten!! He is such a cutie, great pictures, love the one of him with his teacher :)

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