Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Old House

Yesterday the boys and I went out to Bobby's Great Grandmother's house to help his mother get an old armoire out. It's really starting to show it's age but it's still soo beautiful!

Five children were born and raised here and countless memories were made.

I confess, I became slightly obsessed with the decorative trim that surrounds the front porch of the house. :)

In the front yard stands this lone windmill. My husband still tells us stories about the water he would drink from the well and still says that "windmill punch" is the best.

How beautiful is the front door?! I just nearly swoon every time I see it!

There is tons of stuff still left in the house. Each and everything is so wonderful and old.

Can you read what's on the plate above? It says "Food should be cooked with lots of love and lots of butter." LOVE it! :)

The boys just went crazy trying to get a look at everything!

I loved all the old dressers and mirrors. It boggles my mind thinking about all the ladies in the family standing in front of those mirrors getting ready over the years.

Grady and his cousin Carter were poking into everything! Who could blame them though? Everything was so interesting!

Only in Texas would you find a cactus growing right up next to a Crepe Myrtle tree.

We stopped multiple times to eat some snacks (and get out of the stickers!).

It was a wonderful day of family adventure!


The Momma said...

What great memories! How fun to take the boys to see that. And I have to agree with you, I love that decorative trim!! :)

M+W said...

How beautiful! I just love all the pictures. Her house is amazing!

Beth Ann said...

So neat!

Tesha Papik said...

Oh wow, amazing beautiful pictures!!!!

Melanie Mueller said...

You got some great pictures and your time editing paid off! They are awesome! I loved all of the details too! Such rich history there! Had a fun day dodging stickers with ya! =)

ginmommy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love old homes!

Tristan said...

wow, how pretty!! can't believe someone isnt living there!

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Such a near place. It looks like a fancy antique shop or museum. Love it!

Kerry said...

What a beautiful old house! Lovely pictures Hillary, I would be just like you imagining all of the history to the place and who used all of those pretty things.

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