Friday, June 21, 2013

Because Baby Food Is For BABIES!

To heck with chicken nuggets, mac n' cheese, banana's. "Those are for babies! " said Griffin. Well, you know, if he could talk.

If he could talk he'd also tell me that high chairs are for BABIES too. And he

Starting back about 3 weeks ago it seems that his appetite just dropped off. I would put him in his highchair and he would just sit there, throw his food as far as he could across the room, not take one single bite, and throw a massive fit to get down.

Not long after he both learned the word "snack" AND how to break into my pantry. I caught himself multiple times helping himself to food. The boy was for sure hungry but hated both the highchair and what I was feeding him.

In the past week I've come to the realization that it's time for both a change in his foods and how and where he eats.

The past couple of meal times he's eaten at a little side table next to our couch. It's the perfect height for him to eat off. His meal choice? Why it's a Lean Cuisine! Aren't those just perfect for a 20 month old?! 

It's the Santa Fe Style Rice and Bean with a Sour cream and chili sauce. He LOVES it! 

It's not overly spicy and have other nice assorted veggies in it (ie zucchini)  that make me feel a tad less guilty.

His other favorite??


It's the Thai Style Chicken Spring Rolls (from you guessed it, Lean Cuisine!)

It's time to go back to the drawing board so my precious baby isn't eating microwaved meals all the time... 

I think I already have a solution to the seating problem. We have one of these already outside...


It's totally junky because it's been outside but I have some super fun plans to spray pain and recover it with fun oil cloth! I think he'd love to sit here to eat and it would be cute enough to put in our living room. 

What kind of things do you feed your kiddo's to keep them out of the food rut?


ginmommy said...

Oh man, he's cute! Well, I always fed mine things like: cottage cheese, grilled cheese, lima beans, crackers, cheese sticks, chicken, raisins, yogurt, etc....And like I said, HE'S CUTE! Have a good weekend! :-)

Beth Ann said...

So funny!!! Well at least he's eating some veggies which is more than can be said for my child! ;) Nutri-grain bars, chicken nuggets, ravioli, cheese, mac n cheese, cheese quesadillas, blueberry waffles, sausage, smoked sausage, pizza, and any type of fruit are Holden's staples. The only way he gets veggies is through veg/fruit pouches. :-/ Sometimes when he won't eat, if I give him some sort of dip (ketchup, ranch, etc) he will eat it because he loves dipping. ;)

Kerry said...

Where did baby Griffin go? He has gotten so big and my oh my what a cutie pie he is!! I love these pictures and if he eats it then why not huh?
Liam likes yogurt, custard, peanut butter sandwiches, porridge, hot chocolate, crackers, chicken, pretzels, and usually whatever we are having for dinner :)Jut to name a few thing...

Kerry said...

*just to name a few 's' key doesn't work!! Ahh Anyway, hope you find out what food works best for you both :)

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