Tuesday, June 11, 2013

True Love

Ya'll, my apologies, I have GOT to get back to blogging. This is the longest I've ever gone without posting and I've missed it terribly but just haven't had the time to do a proper job of it. Maybe this summer I should just commit to doing an improper job at it and at least it will be something :).

We've had a zillion things going all with a trillion pictures to go with it but baby steps folks. Let all just be glad that I'm here typing away. :)

Last night Graham was supposed to have let Bobby pull one of his big molars out. It's one of those teeth that dangling by a thread and starting to impede eating. (that is where Bobby and I draw a line and start to pullin')  He decided mid-attempt that he was horribly scared despite this being the 100th tooth he's lost to date and he fully knows that it won't hurt that bad. Cue water works and tears from my overly tired 11 year old. This is turn sets off Grady who starts his whining and crying.


What's a mother to do?

I asked Grady if he'd like to sleep in Graham's bed with him for an impromptu sleepover whereupon the still weepy and sleepy Graham is cradled and hugged by his much smaller 5 year old brother. I almost cried myself. In that moment Momma no longer existed for either of them. They comforted each other and whispered for a little bit while I hovered in Graham's dark room just listening. It finally got quiet and they each feel comfortably asleep.

For as much as my boy fight and bicker they love each other just as strongly and fiercely.


Tesha Papik said...

Yeaaa for back to blogging I have missed you! I just love to listen to my boys talk at night in their room, it's so sweet.

ginmommy said...

THAT is the sweetest thing EVER.

Tristan said...

i am the worst blogger too..haha..don't feel bad!

OH MY..that is sooo precious!!!

Kerry said...

I love those quiet and loving moments between siblings, as rare as they are they are precious!!

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